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/* 7z.h -- 7z interface
2017-04-03 : Igor Pavlov : Public domain */
#ifndef __7Z_H
#define __7Z_H
#include "7zTypes.h"
#define k7zStartHeaderSize 0x20
#define k7zSignatureSize 6
extern const Byte k7zSignature[k7zSignatureSize];
typedef struct
const Byte *Data;
size_t Size;
} CSzData;
/* CSzCoderInfo & CSzFolder support only default methods */
typedef struct
size_t PropsOffset;
UInt32 MethodID;
Byte NumStreams;
Byte PropsSize;
} CSzCoderInfo;
typedef struct
UInt32 InIndex;
UInt32 OutIndex;
} CSzBond;
typedef struct
UInt32 NumCoders;
UInt32 NumBonds;
UInt32 NumPackStreams;
UInt32 UnpackStream;
} CSzFolder;
SRes SzGetNextFolderItem(CSzFolder *f, CSzData *sd);
typedef struct
UInt32 Low;
UInt32 High;
} CNtfsFileTime;
typedef struct
Byte *Defs; /* MSB 0 bit numbering */
UInt32 *Vals;
} CSzBitUi32s;
typedef struct
Byte *Defs; /* MSB 0 bit numbering */
// UInt64 *Vals;
CNtfsFileTime *Vals;
} CSzBitUi64s;
#define SzBitArray_Check(p, i) (((p)[(i) >> 3] & (0x80 >> ((i) & 7))) != 0)
#define SzBitWithVals_Check(p, i) ((p)->Defs && ((p)->Defs[(i) >> 3] & (0x80 >> ((i) & 7))) != 0)
typedef struct
UInt32 NumPackStreams;
UInt32 NumFolders;
UInt64 *PackPositions; // NumPackStreams + 1
CSzBitUi32s FolderCRCs; // NumFolders
size_t *FoCodersOffsets; // NumFolders + 1
UInt32 *FoStartPackStreamIndex; // NumFolders + 1
UInt32 *FoToCoderUnpackSizes; // NumFolders + 1
Byte *FoToMainUnpackSizeIndex; // NumFolders
UInt64 *CoderUnpackSizes; // for all coders in all folders
Byte *CodersData;
} CSzAr;
UInt64 SzAr_GetFolderUnpackSize(const CSzAr *p, UInt32 folderIndex);
SRes SzAr_DecodeFolder(const CSzAr *p, UInt32 folderIndex,
ILookInStream *stream, UInt64 startPos,
Byte *outBuffer, size_t outSize,
ISzAllocPtr allocMain);
typedef struct
CSzAr db;
UInt64 startPosAfterHeader;
UInt64 dataPos;
UInt32 NumFiles;
UInt64 *UnpackPositions; // NumFiles + 1
// Byte *IsEmptyFiles;
Byte *IsDirs;
CSzBitUi32s CRCs;
CSzBitUi32s Attribs;
// CSzBitUi32s Parents;
CSzBitUi64s MTime;
CSzBitUi64s CTime;
UInt32 *FolderToFile; // NumFolders + 1
UInt32 *FileToFolder; // NumFiles
size_t *FileNameOffsets; /* in 2-byte steps */
Byte *FileNames; /* UTF-16-LE */
} CSzArEx;
#define SzArEx_IsDir(p, i) (SzBitArray_Check((p)->IsDirs, i))
#define SzArEx_GetFileSize(p, i) ((p)->UnpackPositions[(i) + 1] - (p)->UnpackPositions[i])
void SzArEx_Init(CSzArEx *p);
void SzArEx_Free(CSzArEx *p, ISzAllocPtr alloc);
UInt64 SzArEx_GetFolderStreamPos(const CSzArEx *p, UInt32 folderIndex, UInt32 indexInFolder);
int SzArEx_GetFolderFullPackSize(const CSzArEx *p, UInt32 folderIndex, UInt64 *resSize);
if dest == NULL, the return value specifies the required size of the buffer,
in 16-bit characters, including the null-terminating character.
if dest != NULL, the return value specifies the number of 16-bit characters that
are written to the dest, including the null-terminating character. */
size_t SzArEx_GetFileNameUtf16(const CSzArEx *p, size_t fileIndex, UInt16 *dest);
size_t SzArEx_GetFullNameLen(const CSzArEx *p, size_t fileIndex);
UInt16 *SzArEx_GetFullNameUtf16_Back(const CSzArEx *p, size_t fileIndex, UInt16 *dest);
SzArEx_Extract extracts file from archive
*outBuffer must be 0 before first call for each new archive.
Extracting cache:
If you need to decompress more than one file, you can send
these values from previous call:
You can consider "*outBuffer" as cache of solid block. If your archive is solid,
it will increase decompression speed.
If you use external function, you can declare these 3 cache variables
(blockIndex, outBuffer, outBufferSize) as static in that external function.
Free *outBuffer and set *outBuffer to 0, if you want to flush cache.
SRes SzArEx_Extract(
const CSzArEx *db,
ILookInStream *inStream,
UInt32 fileIndex, /* index of file */
UInt32 *blockIndex, /* index of solid block */
Byte **outBuffer, /* pointer to pointer to output buffer (allocated with allocMain) */
size_t *outBufferSize, /* buffer size for output buffer */
size_t *offset, /* offset of stream for required file in *outBuffer */
size_t *outSizeProcessed, /* size of file in *outBuffer */
ISzAllocPtr allocMain,
ISzAllocPtr allocTemp);
SzArEx_Open Errors:
SRes SzArEx_Open(CSzArEx *p, ILookInStream *inStream,
ISzAllocPtr allocMain, ISzAllocPtr allocTemp);