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// Copyright 2007-2010 Baptiste Lepilleur and The JsonCpp Authors
// Distributed under MIT license, or public domain if desired and
// recognized in your jurisdiction.
// See file LICENSE for detail or copy at
#include "config.h"
#endif // if !defined(JSON_IS_AMALGAMATION)
namespace Json {
// writer.h
class StreamWriter;
class StreamWriterBuilder;
class Writer;
class FastWriter;
class StyledWriter;
class StyledStreamWriter;
// reader.h
class Reader;
class CharReader;
class CharReaderBuilder;
// json_features.h
class Features;
// value.h
using ArrayIndex = unsigned int;
class StaticString;
class Path;
class PathArgument;
class Value;
class ValueIteratorBase;
class ValueIterator;
class ValueConstIterator;
} // namespace Json