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repository/ is a maven repository with libraries used to perform
certain tasks without accessing an external repository. e.g:
- Compile tools/base, tools/swt and tools/buildSrc using Gradle
- Convert artifacts from a maven repository to a p2 repository
using the p2-maven plugin
Certain dependencies are using only during the build process,
but others are runtime dependencies that get shipped with the
SDK Tools. Such runtime dependencies must include a NOTICE file
next to the artifact or the build will fail.
There are a few different ways to add artifacts to these repositories:
1. Add a dependency to an existing project in tools/base, say ddmlib,
and then run the cloneArtifacts task from the tools folder.
2. Invoke the maven-install-plugin from the command line. For example,
the following command was used to install the protobuf jar into
the repository:
$ mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-install-plugin:2.5.1:install-file \
-Dfile=$OUT/host-libprotobuf-java-2.3.0-lite.jar \ \
-DartifactId=libprotobuf-java-lite \
-Dversion=2.3.0 \
-Dpackaging=jar \
-DgeneratePom=true \
-DlocalRepositoryPath=repo \
3. Adding all the dependencies for a maven plugin can be accomplished
as follows:
- Create a maven settings.xml file with a pointer to an empty
folder as the localRepository.
- Run the maven task using that settings.xml
- When the task runs, all the necessary artifacts will be downloaded
into that local repository.
- Copy over the contents of that repository into this folder.