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/* Define a C preprocessor symbol that can be used in interface files
to distinguish between the SWIG language modules. */
#define SWIG_UFFI
/* Typespecs for basic types. */
%typemap(ffitype) char ":char";
%typemap(ffitype) unsigned char ":unsigned-char";
%typemap(ffitype) signed char ":char";
%typemap(ffitype) short ":short";
%typemap(ffitype) signed short ":short";
%typemap(ffitype) unsigned short ":unsigned-short";
%typemap(ffitype) int ":int";
%typemap(ffitype) signed int ":int";
%typemap(ffitype) unsigned int ":unsigned-int";
%typemap(ffitype) long ":long";
%typemap(ffitype) signed long ":long";
%typemap(ffitype) unsigned long ":unsigned-long";
%typemap(ffitype) float ":float";
%typemap(ffitype) double ":double";
%typemap(ffitype) char * ":cstring";
%typemap(ffitype) void * ":pointer-void";
%typemap(ffitype) void ":void";
// FIXME: This is guesswork
typedef long size_t;
%wrapper %{
(eval-when (compile eval)
;;; You can define your own identifier converter if you want.
;;; Use the -identifier-converter command line argument to
;;; specify its name.
(defun identifier-convert-null (id &key type)
(declare (ignore type))
(read-from-string id))
(defun identifier-convert-lispify (cname &key type)
(assert (stringp cname))
(if (eq type :constant)
(setf cname (format nil "*~A*" cname)))
(setf cname (replace-regexp cname "_" "-"))
(let ((lastcase :other)
newcase char res)
(dotimes (n (length cname))
(setf char (schar cname n))
(if* (alpha-char-p char)
(setf newcase (if (upper-case-p char) :upper :lower))
(when (or (and (eq lastcase :upper) (eq newcase :lower))
(and (eq lastcase :lower) (eq newcase :upper)))
;; case change... add a dash
(push #\- res)
(setf newcase :other))
(push (char-downcase char) res)
(setf lastcase newcase)
(push char res)
(setf lastcase :other)))
(read-from-string (coerce (nreverse res) 'string))))
(defun identifier-convert-low-level (cname &key type)
(assert (stringp cname))
(if (eq type :constant)
(setf cname (format nil "+~A+" cname)))
(setf cname (substitute #\- #\_ cname))
(if (eq type :operator)
(setf cname (format nil "%~A" cname)))
(if (eq type :constant-function)
(read-from-string cname))
(defmacro swig-defconstant (string value &key (export T))
(let ((symbol (funcall *swig-identifier-converter* string :type :constant)))
`(eval-when (compile load eval)
(uffi:def-constant ,symbol ,value ,export))))
(defmacro swig-defun (name &rest rest)
(let ((symbol (funcall *swig-identifier-converter* name :type :operator)))
`(eval-when (compile load eval)
(uffi:def-function (,name ,symbol) ,@rest)
(export (quote ,symbol)))))
(defmacro swig-def-struct (name &rest fields)
"Declare a struct object"
(let ((symbol (funcall *swig-identifier-converter* name :type :type)))
`(eval-when (compile load eval)
(uffi:def-struct ,symbol ,@fields)
(export (quote ,symbol)))))
) ;; eval-when