Release 0.51.0 (2022-01-07)

 + 1f719e4:
 Update Android disk image.
 + 4507708:
 Removed duplicated resourceDir logic in clangcl preprocessor
 + 6bc1f1a:
 Removed duplicated buildCommandLine and virtualInputs from clangcl
 + c7ddf5f:
 Cleaned up legacy parser behavior from clang preprocessors
 + bcc2992:
 Migrated clangcl.Preprocessor to a new flags format
 + d3fa8e4:
 Use GetOutputDigests function from SDK to compute output file/directory digests for local and remote reruns.
 + ab17e2a:
 Migrated nacl.Preprocessor to a new flags format
 + 649972d:
 Migrated clanglint.Preprocessor to a new flags format
 + 939d114:
 Migrated headerabi.Preprocessor to a new flags format
 + 693ccfd:
 Refactored cppcompile/preprocessor to leverage flag scanning within clangparser and reduce code duplication
 + 90c4195:
 Fix windows cross path \ -> / change

Release 0.50.0 (2021-12-10)

 + 9932016:
 Use configured service account when talking to GCS.
 + e0cef9f:
 Add keystore config for mac build
 + d0a8450:
 Revert "Remove reclient version cache silo"
 + d2d8695:
 Fix bug in release script where needs to run from source root.
 + 6170173:
 Add periodic macos release configs.
 + 35bb744:
 [windows] Rem vcredist from CI scripts
 + dc8fb6a:
 Added describing how to work with patches
 + a58db58:
 Remove reclient version cache silo
 + d5bb258:
 Updated version of LLVM to match the version used in chromium/src
 + 8b1be90:
 Add support for building for Apple silicon.
 + 0b6888e:
 Upgrade go to 1.17.4
 + d4ea280:
 roll goma client to avoid linking msvcr100.dll
 + f78fdc5:
 Add num_remote_reruns flag.
 + 19ab839:
 Adding integration tests for xattr
 + bcf4d9f:
 Added batch scripts to simplify testing integ tests on Windows
 + 89b3ed2:
 Merged in RE API SDK changes making output paths working dir relative
 + 6736d60:
 Add num_local_reruns flag.
 + d3722ae:
 [windows][release] Set git basic config
 + 52e6f98:
 roll goma client to VERSION=239

Release 0.49.0 (2021-11-24)

 + 6938ae5:
 Remove the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable
 + 6986389:
 Update rules_go & gazelle
 + b44aeb4:
 Check for number of expected action types in integ test
 + 2615514:
 [windows][release] Do not reuse release dirs
 + 3a942a8:
 [windows][release] Create release dir before copy
 + 326a1cd:
 Refactor android integration test to reuse script checked-in locally
 + 980bebd:
 [windows] Fix .bat calls again
 + 9295341:
 Update bazel to 4.2.1
 + bd29036:
 Fix virtual input behavior without fmc.

Release 0.48.0 (2021-11-19)

 + 02fa2d6:
 Update to latest image
 + 8480aa4:
 Remove redundant virtual inputs
 + ca1fad1:
 Fix ubuntu release container image
 + a54d6b9:
 Upgrade choco during windows release
 + 2afb58b:
 Fix windows release error handling and variables
 + 08a76f7:
 roll goma client and drop use_system_xcode=true
 + e112172:
 Add Windows Secure release workflow
 + 13e16f1:
 gclient.bzl: fix __is_macos

Release 0.47.0 (2021-11-17)

 + c77ff62:
 Add support for xattr hash
 + edbad5e:
 Fail the integration test if the Android image is older than 30 days
 + 90d56d1:
 Add a script to run Android build
 + ca210f0:
 Placed reproxy response dump files in logDir, and added logic removing them alongside with old log files
 + 053881e:
 roll goma client to VERSION=238
 + 711239d:
 Updated grpc_test integration test to verify truncated responses
 + 633696d:
 Filter out virtual inputs that are not physically existing directories or exist as a parent of a physical input. Also, remove .keep_me from virtual inputs.
 + 4e4989f: to support running an action from an arbitrary wd.
 + e369d6f:
 roll goma client to VERSION=237
 + 7e1efd3:
 Allow kbuilder user write access to depot_tools
 + eb51a8b:
 Turn on Windows Goma IP CI
 + ddacfd9:
 Fix reclient + gomaip windows integration tests
 + 55183b2:
 Improve gclient's patch code.
 + 0814c78:
 allow relative path for rewrapper --exec_root=
 + 9f2d565:
 Update Kokoro Win to run all unittests
 + 4d21183:
 Remove env_var_whitelist flag
 + 8a8f4a0:
 Added handling for re-proxy responses exceeding 32MB limit (b/201316487)
 + 6d3284b:
 Add CPU Arch to rbe_metrics.txt
 + 7d5b4f8:
 Remove include scanner suffix to the version number.
 + 48f05cb:
 Statically link non-system dlls and update builder
 + ff7f365:
 roll goma client to VERSION=236
 + 4a0c264:
 Update Android integration test
 + e9ada74:
 Update android snapshot
 + 3ff95a2:
 Scripts to create and push gerrit CLs.
 + eb3495f:
 Yank bazel racing strategy in different config
 + d0d4ef2:
 fixed a typo in

Release 0.46.0 (2021-11-04)

 + 4302b6f:
 Input processor should try to find SDKSettings.json file on Mac.

Release 0.45.0 (2021-11-03)

 + 5c3aa6e:
 Bump version to 0.45.0
 + e67bac3:
 Added inputprocessor.Options to errors returned by populateCommandIO
 + 4621094: fixed to shutdown reproxy with correct cfg.
 + da319a0:
 Add tool to dump entire reproxy log in raw format.
 + e582014:
 Add sha256 to llvm checkout
 + 9b9200d:
 Reclient + gomaip on windows!!!!
 + e58defc:
 Forward error logs to stdout and stderr.
 + aa7a69a:
 + 925f763:
 Build reclient remotely when using
 + a06ab8c:
 roll goma client: candidate VERSION=235 to VERSION=235
 + b91b800:
 Compile reclient + goma IP on windows.
 + 53e446e:
 mac: bazel shutdown before changing directory
 + 9aa7bdb:
 Bump rules_foreign_cc to 0.6.0
 + 94a1e58:
 Do not try to trigger release workflows
 + 630be19:
 Chromium migration helper script.

Release 0.44.0 (2021-10-19)

 + 4294878:
 roll goma client: VERSION=233 to candidate of VERSION=235 for MinGW tweaks
 + 2aa7cad:
 roll v0.5.0 -> v0.5.1
 + 55eb546:
 Add reclient fail early support.
 + 8310d93:
 Fix race condition in remote-apis-sdks
 + 0925f65:
 Remove kokoro artifacts from release.
 + c39831c:
 Attempt to make a _succesful_ upload.
 + 5c7ed11:
 Add release artifacts to our new secure release workflow.
 + c90256e:
 fix prod:re-client/macos_external_gomaip/continuous_goma

Release 0.43.0 (2021-10-12)

 + 8a8f769:
 shutdown bazel at the end of scripts.
 + b44ad4d:
 Change create release workflow for new release process.
 + 8d52ef5:
 add macos_external/release_goma as one of release jobs
 + 7a9d4f0:
 Support gomaip in mac
 + 75af96c:
 roll goma client: VERSION=231 to VERSION=233
 + 3e40878:
 setup mac gomaip continous/release
 + 064e574:
 Script to automate qt-dev cherrypick.
 + b908bb6:
 Add "new" no-unilateral-access release script.
 + 0a9d21d:
 Add rpl2trace to release.
 + c32fbd7:
 Specify a more meaningful commit message to re-client releases in Android

Release 0.42.0 (2021-09-24)

 + dc2bd51:
 Update ubuntu and windows workflows to stop fetching a key.
 + 61b1f42:
 roll goma client: VERSION=227 to VERSION=231
 + 8e862ab:
 Update LLVM version.
 + 59189c6:
 Sort input process files in test

Release 0.42 (2021-09-24)

 + dc2bd51:
 Update ubuntu and windows workflows to stop fetching a key.
 + 61b1f42:
 roll goma client: VERSION=227 to VERSION=231
 + 8e862ab:
 Update LLVM version.
 + 59189c6:
 Sort input process files in test

Release 0.41.4 (2021-09-21)

 + d52629e:
 fix cipd-mac.yaml path for cipd create

Release 0.41.4 (2021-09-21)

 + d52629e:
 fix cipd-mac.yaml path for cipd create

Release 0.41.3 (2021-09-21)

 + 2f72937:
 add kokoro/macos_external/
 + eab5c19:
 + 448918d:
 Add macos_external/presubmit_goma

Release 0.41.2 (2021-09-20)

 + d3d8254:
 fix macos_external/
 + a8a4f02:
 fix macosx release

Release 0.41.0 (2021-09-16)

 + b21aa95:
 fix re-client-builder to allow depot_tools autoupdate
 + f0651a6:
 Add re-client/macos_external/release to kokoro release worflow
 + 53fc515:
 add mac release
 + 40ff5a5:
 Fix typo in linux goma release job name

Release 0.40.0 (2021-08-26)

 + 0631fed:
 Add typescript labels and typescript integration into re-client.
 + 355f235:
 Change exprunner example run to reflect new perfgate wrapper name
 + 5d17c7b:
 Add tags to experiment proto. This allows for perfgate to add user defined tags for data segregation.
 + 26d1974:
 Implement recursive deps traversal.

Release 0.39.0 (2021-08-10)

 + 3dec0c7:
 Remove TOC files from link actions.
 + 67fd920:
 Print the number of verified in the stats.
 + 5f131f2:
 Add flag to set deps cache max size for goma deps cache.
 + a0c511f:
 Implement direct deps retrieval for tsconfig and tsfile.

Release 0.38.0 (2021-07-29)

 + 63cb7c8:
 Have ShutDownProxy check that the reproxy process is done.
 + 8a30379:
 Update windows release workflow to pick cipd from PATH
 + e0c0ef3:
 Add perfgate support to experiment runner.
 + 58a4659:
 Do not record CPPInputProcessorMillis metric if using goma deps cache.
 + 4b386fb:
 add tsfile parser, to parse lines of import statement and fine its relative path.

Release 0.37.0 (2021-07-21)

 + 41e4884:
 Update goma's version to remove patch.
 + 26a265e:
 Fix bug preventing integration tests from running on reproxy goma ip.
 + 1c0f984:
 Use goma's native deps cache.
 + dde54a8:
 Add the action digest that produced a mismatch to log files
 + 9c5299e:
 Add extends to tsconfig_parser.
 + 4822715:
 Add kokoro windows recient + goma IP presubmits
 + 1a1e16f:
 Tweak kokoro win creation script.
 + c91486a:
 Add chrome build experiment

Release 0.36.0 (2021-07-15)

 + 3053713:
 Add release support for goma-ip build.
 + cf1a3db:
 Make goma builds cacheable.
 + efc18c1:
 Enable go race detection in re-client presubmits
 + f9a2401:
 Add kokoro workflows for reclient + goma input processor.
 + 9d43a21:
 Fix unit test fails in TestNoRemoteOnInputFail
 + e549c61:
 Print the type of include scanner being used in reproxy in logs.
 + 87f718f:
 Do not adjust command if using goma's input processor.
 + 1f84511:
 Fix no remote execution when input processing fails for CPP
 + 7c70244:
 Add a build configuration for include scanning.
 + cf80535:
 Add binary to run experiment runner and tabulator
 + d8f7d6c:
 Add the goma input processor as a cgo library and bridge to C++ goma.
 + 4914fd4:
 Turn on compiling the goma input processor on linux CI
 + 1c59d33:
 Add gclient support to windows.
 + f375c72:
 Build libs and headers needed for the goma input processor.
 + e5d2e1f:
 Refactor integration test configuration to use args and cfg files.
 + 4a98e2b:
 Remove couple of lines from readme.MD.
 + d656d2d:
 Separate experiments logic in runner and tabulator from binary
 + c7a794d:
 Revert "Fix no remote execution when input processing fails"
 + 52a6816:
 Fix no remote execution when input processing fails
 + 497cfda:
 Add deps cache example experiment proto
 + 03fb41a:
 Trim file.
 + 1af19ef:
 [goma] Add rules to compile goma from reclient.
 + 57e4b28:
 Update kokoro windows custom VM to add depot tools to path.
 + 2518f71:
 Add better error messages for auth related RBE errors

Release 0.35.0 (2021-06-21)

 + c67dad9:
 Revert "Fixed bug to not do remote execution when input processing fails"
 + 21a1697:
 add defer log.Flush() in main

Release 0.34.0 (2021-06-16)

 + 1119aea:
 fix typo in cipd-linux.yaml
 + 1df31eb:
 Log reproxy flags in rpi file.
 + 56cadbc:
 add rpl2cloudtrace in cipd package
 + f26da5e:
 Fixed bug to not do remote execution when input processing fails
 + 958209d:
 Add rpl2cloudtrace command

Release 0.33.0 (2021-06-10)

 + 772456a:
 Switch out -fsanitize-ignorelist for -fsanitize-blacklist until clang-scan-deps version supports the ignore version of the argument.
 + 0b920df:
 Fix tabulator skipping experiment with no rbe_metrics.txt file.
 + 111fa64:
 Fix reproxy server tests.
 + 81e0385:
 golang: update to 1.15.13
 + 24dc9d9:
 Add bazel's "racing" version for faster reclient iteration.

Release 0.32.0 (2021-06-08)

 + 972b5da:
 [reproxy] Make reduced text the default.
 + bbe4ca7:
 Support remote archiving.
 + c956c10:
 Downgrade half-baked ar-reading errors to warnings
 + 5c8eb87:
 Fix Android Test numbers
 + 609c3b3:
 Add TODO to -fsanitize-ignorelist support.
 + 5c399ea:
 rbeflag: allow comment in config file
 + 96e391b:
 Adds -fsanitize-ignorelist to arg scanner Joined list.
 + 046bf31:
 add cloud profiler support in reproxy
 + a3d3d92:
 Handle -fsanitize-ignorelist.
 + 8a5da3c:
 Revert llvm update commits.
 + c24e0ae:
 Update aosp's snapshot.
 + 7b537a4:
 update llvm-bazel sha256hash
 + 73bf319:
 add preserve_symlink option.
 + 93ce047:
 [kokoro][windows] Add image creator script for our windows CI.
 + 01c2b31:
 Add deps cache integration test.
 + 45c8f8f:
 Update llvm version
 + 04f6197:
 [bazel] Update bazel to v4.1.0.
 + caaa265:
 Run gazelle in presubmit

Release 0.31.0 (2021-05-26)

 + 002ad3b:
 remove build_naming_convention from remote-apis-sdks
 + 5dfc16f:
 Update SDK version to f831c118b.
 + d591d46:
 Evict old entries from deps cache to prevent unbounded growth.
 + 59fdb1d:
 delete @com_github_bazelbuild_rules_go
 + 8176257:
 Add stats for deps cache loading and writing to rpi file.
 + ecb439f:
 Remove "cache siloing" reclient version from platform for non LERC.
 + 9e37e8c:
 Use deps cache in the cpp input processor.
 + aacbf57:
 Add depscache.
 + 7456489:
 Remove --windows_cross flag.
 + 97a6695:
 Exclude docker directory in gazelle config.
 + 0910580:
 Use RBE config in the install script.
 + 66bab18:
 Update SDK to 7447b28.
 + fbcdcbd:
 [experiments] Tweak saving inputs
 + 1ada4a5:
 [Links] Read `.a` files by launching `ar t myarchive.a`.
 + 4a2ee7c:
 Support windows cross for nacl
 + c974fe3:
 Normalize dirs for windows cross compile
 + f1e923e:
 Support windows cross compile
 + 3bdcdda:
 [golang] Update golang to 1.15.12
 + 848af86:
 update; 0.4.15 -> 0.5.0

Release 0.30.0 (2021-05-11)

 + 4d3a5ca:
 Add rpi file to host proxy instance level events and stats.
 + fa6b4c9:
 Expose minimized file header interface from cgo from clang-scan-deps
 + 03425a2:
 [rsp] Fix rsp file reading on links.
 + 86d4eb3:
 Speed up data loading into bigquery tables
 + 06dc659:
 [experiments] Fix experiments cleanup with num_machines
 + ebceda2:
 don't set OSFamily property if Pool or label: is set.
 + 39da0b0:
 [experiments] Add num_machines to experiments.

Release 0.29.0 (2021-04-28)

 + 6e850de:
 [SDK] Bump SDK version.
 + 49b123d:
 [experiments] Allow preserving inputs for future reference.
 + 1ea7c79:
 [experiments] Update chrome examples to reflect current setup.
 + 8e02ad8:
 [experiments] Add disk type options
 + 73e430e:
 [bootstrap] Send SIGINT on Windows
 + 9d020ec:
 Add experimental_cache_miss_rate flag to simulate cache misses.

Release 0.28.0 (2021-04-13)

 + f9c7042:
 [inputprocessor] Add pprof option.
 + 30eb390:
 [bootstrap] Send SIGTERMs on linux.
 + 5f0d773:
 Log C++ input processor overhead
 + d3edb35:
 [experiments] Upload experiment definition at the beginning of the run.
 + 46f5d67:
 [experiments] Fixes and tweaks
 + 6301694:
 [windows][experiments] Add basic windows support to exp framework.

Release 0.27.0 (2021-04-07)

 + 34e1d11:
 Bump remote-apis-sdks version

Release 0.26.0 (2021-03-30)

 + 0a60366:
 [llvm] Cleanups patches in separate folder.
 + 921688d:
 [llvm] Add llvm-bazel on windows.
 + afb93e3:
 [llvm] Remove llvm build warnings
 + b9d7261:
 [release] Allow creating release from version commit.
 + 4738e86:
 [release] Automate creating windows release.
 + 9ec35f8:
 Fix bug in script

Release 0.25.0 (2021-03-23)

 + 65ad975:
 Revert Go version back to 1.15
 + 5ac5cd7:
 Add remote and local status to the ActionLatency metric.
 + 59fe2c7:
 remove cmake, ninja for linux and macosx
 + 2800e67:
 chromium integ tests update to r863615 (VERSION 4450.0 to 4455.0)
 + 634cd9a:
 Print newline at the end of bandwidth stats
 + 3174046:
 [rules_go] Update rules go to v0.27.0
 + 8fe2853:
 [windows] Faster releases.
 + 92f2ee2:
 Better report bandwidth stats
 + 7e1a6e7:
 Bump gazelle to 0.23.0
 + e0165b9:
 [MacOS] Add remote cache to macos builds.
 + f178d72:
 Make build latency distribution metric buckets more granular.
 + 291b4fb:
 chromium integ tests update to r863615
 + c92a239:
 [llvm] Update LLVM version.
 + 30b4b42:
 [windows] Delete presubmit and continuous artifacts.
 + e740f8d:
 [windows] Better CI unzipping.
 + 9ac190d:
 Add an option to bootstrap to print bandwidth stats
 + 9966321:
 [Part 1] Automate staging release symlink creation for Android

Release 0.24.0 (2021-03-16)

 + 6efeeb8:
 [Windows] CI Remove setup.bat
 + 6f3283c:
 Change BuildFailureCount to BuildCount.
 + f64b773:
 [windows] Refactor integ tests structure.
 + edc831f:
 roll protobuf to 3.15.6
 + ea1e847:
 [integ] Add local tag to integration tests.
 + 3cd330e:
 [ci] Add remote config to converage tests.
 + 2f663d1:
 rpl2trace: ignore event if from/to is unset
 + 1c8b806:
 [kokoro] Use RBE on windows.
 + 9941d4f:
 Turn on strict action environment for Windows.
 + f40c97b:
 [bazel] Strict environments.
 + 21f3e0a:
 use go 1.16.2
 + b07259f:
 Rename left / right in compare to remote/local
 + da593bd:
 Run compare action on remote n times
 + 6dc3b1e:
 [toolchains] Add manual tags to prevent wrong OS attempt to compile
 + 5118588:
 Add script to automatically create rollback CLs to qt-dev
 + 4a1d133:
 Upgrade bazel version to 4.0.0
 + a5cb19f:
 [clang-scan-deps] Use bazel to compile clang.
 + 87dad6f:
 Bump rules go to 0.26.0
 + 8c6798a:
 Update remote-apis-sdks
 + b6ed9f7:
 clean up chromium basic compile test
 + 4084f98:
 Refactor and rearrange compare functions
 + 49c9b72:
 [windows] Add windows remote execution configs.

Release 0.23.0 (2021-03-09)

 + 0c607b4:
 Reenable error/warning/fatal logs in rewrapper
 + abb4e7a:
 roll protobuf to 3.15.5
 + ab08f5d:
 update chromium/linux integ tests
 + c92fef0:
 add compile error test case
 + 397da33:
 [windows] Add rules_go patch.
 + 6d584d6:
 Add BuildFailureCount metric to track number of reclient related failures.
 + 4654596:
 [windows] Add windows re-client builder Dockerfile
 + 87fbfcf:
 Bump up continuous android test timeout to 2 hours
 + ad12832:
 update chromium/windows integ tests
 + 88a814d:
 roll llvm to 6d52c4819294dafb2c072011d72bb523092248a2
 + 3d6a480:
 Support arbitrary labels for metrics.
 + 09078f1:
 Update integration tests to use aosp image
 + 5140ecf:
 Add scripts to clone and create an image for AOSP source
 + d3d607e:
 roll protobuf to 3.15.3

Release 0.22.0 (2021-02-25)

 + e00c829:
 [windows] Add RELEASE & NOTICE to windows kokoro release workflow.
 + 3f8f177:
 roll protobuf to 3.15.2
 + cdd4f79:
 Update llvm to 98c6110d9bdda166a6093f8fdf1320b5f477ecbe
 + 4f04dcd:
 Remove deprecated rbe_autoconfig.
 + 7d441d4:
 [experiments] Only cleanup experiment resources on success.
 + b6c7a0b:
 Prevent NOTICE file from causing conflicts when dropped into Android.
 + 0e8f5d3:
 Remove path and home variables
 + f7e32a2:
 roll protobuf to 3.15.1
 + 873c11f:
 Upgrade to new SDK version.
 + 33983cf:
 use go 1.16
 + 06d3401:
 Implement idle timeout in reproxy
 + 1a5f414:
 Add metrics_namespace flag to bootstrap
 + 04acc59:
 Add LICENSE and NOTICE files to kokoro release artifacts.

Release 0.21.0 (2021-02-18)

 + 2da7139:
 Add reducedtext log format to write abridged rpl log files.
 + b2fbbe6:
 Add reclient version label to all exported metrics.
 + 857f777:
 Add remote status label to exported metrics. Use GenericNode for reduced cardinality.
 + 4a455f7:
 Roll bazel-gazelle to 0.22.3
 + ac3ad59:
 [experiments] Cleanup outputs between trials
 + 6bd89dd:
 Pass re-client tool name and version to GWS logs
 + ee8c7bb:
 Add NaCl --target flags on dependency scanning & extract input nacl procesor.
 + 0f8c514:
 Fix experiments multi-run setup.
 + ded13c8:
 Add LICENSE and NOTICE files to the reclient repo.
 + afad219:
 Update compression test proto
 + b1b5cef:
 roll rules_foreign_cc to 78dd4749941c0031e107cccbc441c7eeb89accd0
 + 1b6a45d:
 Use mutex before updating map
 + cd7f9f4:
 Cleanup obsolete disk deletion code
 + 14a4efc:
 [experiments] Move the image disk creation to the source image creation.
 + bb8a304:
 Update RE SDK & Add logging for download metrics

Release 0.20.1 (2021-02-09)

 + bd96c99:
 Prevent bootstrap from exiting fatally when there are no reproxy log files.
 + cfe9ec3:
 Determine the current zone when the monitored resource is used.
 + c1d768e:
 Add the ability to copy local reclient binaries
 + ba6aebc:
 use go 1.15.8
 + addbed1:
 Add compression android multi region proto

Release 0.20.0 (2021-02-05)

 + e5aadb7:
 [chrome] Ignore pnacl flags on scan deps
 + a55fa20:
 Clear default labels and set a generic_task monitored resource.
 + e593c74:
 Disabling file logging + version logging in rewrapper.
 + 9723393:
 Printing version to INFO log unconditionally.
 + 5964b0e:
 kokoro widows: reinstall msys2
 + 385743b:
 Monitoring package to publish build and action metrics to stackdrier.
 + 78d0648:
 Upgrade bazel version to 3.7.2
 + 03e131a:
 Fix OS specific filepaths on server_test
 + 5d14e03:
 Deleting old logs on proxy startup

Release 0.19.3 (2021-01-27)

 + cce3f38:
 Updating SDK version to include digest mismatch retry
 + 8acc6d2:
 use go 1.15.7
 + 3a3970e:
 Fix continuous_android_lerc integration test
 + c70eef3:
 Add extra flags to reproxy
 + 222f05c:
 Revert "Revert "roll llvm to 94e4ec6499a237aeec4f1fe8f2cc1e9bcb33f971""

Release 0.19.2 (2021-01-20)

 + b908e73:
 Add some more logging statements to reproxy bootup process
 + a3c82ff:
 Bugfix: assignment to uninitialized map
 + a705a5a:
 Add cfg vs flag Chrome Build Runs

Release 0.19.1 (2021-01-18)

 + 91f67f1:
 Add reclientreport to Android release script
 + cbe0000:
 Revert "roll llvm to 94e4ec6499a237aeec4f1fe8f2cc1e9bcb33f971"
 + acc6880:
 Nit: adding some default values to rewrapper.
 + cb025fb:
 Add cfg for reproxy in bootstrap
 + d61141b:
 Change chrome goma experiments to use GCE service account.
 + 1588ff5:
 Bugfix: Making output_dir default value platform independent.
 + a850b69:
 roll rules_go to 0.25.0
 + 7400219:
 fix kokoro windows; download *.xz from gs://re-client-ci-prebuilts
 + 8c6a6b8:
 Do not delete temporary results folder in case of experiment failure
 + 2750b37:
 Add non-cached runs of chrome build experiments
 + 016753e:
 Add run instructions for chrome-goma.
 + ee2df8a:
 Fix multiple trial runs for chrome build experiments.
 + 7d2c643:
 Fix kokoro re-client/gcp_windows
 + 8093895:
 Add new post build configuration for experiments.

Release 0.19.0 (2021-01-05)

 + dca0beb:
 Add Chrome experiments
 + e23376f:
 Add reclientreport tool to releaes artifacts
 + 98abe06:
 rollup bazel to 3.4.1
 + a55450f:
 Update RE SDK version to current HEAD.
 + f9f4cb2:
 roll rules_go to 0.24.9
 + c02928a:
 roll rules_go to 0.24.8

Release 0.18.0 (2020-12-03)

 + af4481d:
 SDK version bump and flags to control unified operations.
 + c2ad346:
 Revert "Deprecate unified CAS ops flag and make it the default"
 + b3e3bee:
 Align the release tag name to be 'git_revision'
 + 74e63ea:
 Add remotetool to the released binaries.
 + ef2b875:
 Add a binary to aggregate log files generated by reclient
 + 9d16497:
 roll llvm to 94e4ec6499a237aeec4f1fe8f2cc1e9bcb33f971
 + 5a4c187:
 Update gerrit instructions in the README
 + 20c7b5b:
 Update RE SDK version

Release 0.17.0 (2020-11-30)

 + ebb42e2:
 Update RE SDK version.
 + b5ef442:
 Do not fallback to remote_disabled if we fail to connect to RBE.
 + 240865e:
 Flush flag logging in reproxy.
 + 6ff7000:
 Deprecate unified CAS ops flag and make it the default
 + 074382d:
 Remove file checked-in by accident
 + d52bfae:
 remove workaround http://b/167946840 gcp_windows/presubmit failing
 + e278e8e:
 Remove adjustCmdArgsForWindows
 + 0cba0e7:
 Check for protoc and output directions to install it.
 + dc40c2e:
 Add machine info to rbe_metrics file
 + 05cbc61:
 Fix bigquery translator
 + 241ee28:
 Clarify documentation about reproxy_log.txt specification
 + 227dcdc:
 Update the CIPD yaml files to point to the new package prefix.
 + d1df0bd:
 roll rules_go 0.24.7
 + 0483747:
 roll rules_go 0.24.6

Release 0.16.1 (2020-11-18)

 + 28a5cef:
 Fixing Kokoro Windows breakage.

Release 0.16.0 (2020-11-17)

 + b4adeb9:
 Bumping SDK version
 + 268123a: to use reclient binaries from an arbitrary directory.
 + c127c9c:
 rpl2trace - simple tool to convert *.rpl into trace.json
 + a216000:
 Add a flag to turn on unified uploader
 + 39aa3bb:
 clangcl: no /showIncludes for clang-scan-deps
 + 9854072:
 add /debug/pprof
 + 2d9a23d:
 logger: don't log huge virtual input contents
 + fa615b4:
 Modify rbe_action to use RBE_cfg
 + c5853a4:
 Tool to test upload speeds
 + 33cb85d:
 Document and add logging for labels to label-digests
 + b2460ac:
 roll to 0.4.15
 + 0e446be:
 Bump sdk commit and log remote execution error in racing.
 + 3d7900d:
 cppdependencyscanner: fix clang-scan-deps output parser
 + f76ef51:
 roll rules_go to 0.24.5
 + 7d28f9e:
 Handle cancelled RunRequest without crashing reproxy.
 + 583f22a:
 Set cap on racing holdoff
 + 8c3abda:
 check compiler update for resource dir cache
 + 39edb8f:
 Log warning in string instead of bytes
 + 6a9f633:
 use filename on disk

Release 0.15.0 (2020-10-27)

 + 296553b:
 Bump remote-apis-sdks version
 + 2269809:
 Pick minimum of total available system resources vs required resources
 + dd2ea00:
 make resourceDirs as reproxy process global.
 + f8d1d0d:
 Bugfix: too many records overflow gRPC message size.
 + 56e2f6f:
 Bugfix: errors channel should not block
 + 2ed9b57:
 refactor bigquerytranslator
 + 13adf37:
 Add config file support.
 + 9e75557:
 Minor fixes to download tool
 + 8c0a1b2:
 clangscandeps: add debug log
 + 5e31cf9:
 clang-cl: set -resource-dir for clang-scan-deps
 + 773aa22:
 Load reproxy_log.txt into bigquery
 + 12c9b2b:
 Add automation around generating bigquery schema from log.proto
 + 308f5fa:
 Minor fixes to download tool
 + a5ec303:
 clang-cl: ignore -Xclang -debug-info-kind=constructor
 + 91ff539:
 roll rules_go to 0.24.4

Release 0.14.5 (2020-10-16)

 + 8bfe4dd:
 roll gazelle to 0.22.2
 + 773b963:
 win integ: show reproxy log if test failed
 + a0b10db:
 Bump SDK version
 + 5e5b390:
 Do not use printf when printing stdout/stderr.
 + 00bffc7:
 Add script to run an action through rewrapper and reproxy.
 + 8626317:
 Add tests to ensure raced actions pass through stdout.
 + f27e51e:
 Bump SDK version to include DownloadOutputs fix.
 + 685f10b:
 Add a stat for racing finalization overhead.

Release 0.14.4 (2020-10-09)

 + 720d85a:
 Add doc on CIPD package stuff.
 + bf43144:
 Adaptive racing.
 + 8c3bb05:
 Store invocation IDs in the rbe_metrics file.
 + b0a9161:
 kokoro release job for windows
 + 29deac4:
 Script to benchmark disk IO on Linux machines
 + f42aa3a:
 Latest SDK: fix deadlock when context is canceled
 + 1b45a8d:
 Performance evaluation framework.

Release 0.14.3 (2020-10-06)

 + ff8215b:
 Refactor integration tests so that they can be run using bazelisk
 + 057114d:
 Getting latest version of SDK with Capabilities check flag

Release 0.14.2 (2020-10-01)

 + d70e820:
 Removing Capabilities check from reproxy (SDK does it now)
 + 98155c5:
 Bump remote-apis-sdks commit to include Ola's upload fix

Release 0.14.1 (2020-09-30)

 + a5f1897:
 Designate more resources for local execution of javac/r8/d8.
 + 4523b7a:
 Add a context timeout when dialing IPC
 + 5137a1a:
 Capture reproxy_log.txt in addition to reproxy.* files
 + d99e00f:
 roll gazelle to 0.22.1
 + 8167699:
 roll rules_go to 0.24.3
 + b841b34:
 Revert "roll llvm to d0abc757495349fd053beeaea81cd954c2e457e7"
 + ecf8e74:
 Bump up remote-apis-sdks commit
 + 40f2af8:
 Rearrange kokoro directory
 + 2f2aa3f:
 Run with latest version of gazelle
 + a3d94e3:
 Tool to load tests parallel downloads
 + c705fc7:
 Don't include failed remote action log when in remote-local-fallback mode if local fallback succeeds.
 + d2ff96f:
 roll rules_go to 0.24.2
 + 47809b3:
 Markdown version of the command line flags docs.
 + 5c34ba1:
 Move some docker options inside the bazel_rbe function
 + 0baf0b2:
 roll llvm to d0abc757495349fd053beeaea81cd954c2e457e7
 + 5cfd408:
 static link mingw libraries

Release 0.14.0 (2020-09-11)

 + d91fa91:
 roll bazel_gazelle to v0.22.0
 + 2d0e007:
 bootstrap: delete isProxyRunning
 + f72dc2c:
 roll to v1.25.0
 + ce3415c:
 use named-pipe for rewrapper<->reproxy on windows
 + e3c3cfd:
 reproxy: fail early by checking capabilities at startup
 + 179f7f1:
 set cipd tag and ref
 + 204335e:
 kookro/gcp_windows: factor out setup.bat
 + 1eb8585:
 Holdoff: don't race until need for execution is confirmed.
 + 6500ce5:
 Bump remote-apis-sdks to include revert of batch download change
 + 6e51ab5:
 Simplifying existing racing code a bit
 + 1d7399a:
 Bump remote-apis-sdks commit
 + 17bd91b:
 workaround http://b/167946840 gcp_windows/presubmit failing
 + d491028:
 Move CIPD package to correct location.
 + bbb12bc:
 Deprecate the env_var_whitelist flag.
 + 5858398:
 roll rules_go to 0.24.1
 + e7fd4a9:
 bootstrap to persist a pid file for identifying reproxy in shutdown.
 + 210eeea:
 test tests/integ/remoteexec in gcp_windows/continous
 + 0a146ec:
 Add flag to control local pool parallelism.
 + 1bb012a:
 Change stdout/stderr to bytes instead of string
 + 48dfb08:
 Run the cipd binary after a release to create and upload the cipd package for the rbe binaries.
 + 40635e5:
 chromium windows integration test
 + f09e059:
 roll rules_go to v0.24.0
 + 33f1571:
 Fix various issues with racing.
 + 8396941:
 Change default bootstrap wait time to 20 seconds.
 + 507c0e7:
 Add the racing exec strategy.
 + 050d94d:
 Add the action struct to improve server.go readability.
 + 3bc22d0:
 Update preprocessor so it removes flags we want removed when the previous flag is -Xclang.
 + d0b12c2:
 fix precommit for windows
 + 3258cff:
 Refactor local execution to use the outerr package and add non-blocking execution.
 + feb33b8:
 Add instructions on how to install the precommit hook.
 + 470d4bc:
 Add precommit script to run gofmt/golint/gazelle.

Release 0.13.7 (2020-08-21)

 + 0d25d98:
 Increase gRPC max message size
 + 85c7538:
 Do not use toolchain inputs when there's an error
 + 97b2e33:
 integ test doesn't need to use moreflag
 + b04537c:
 Remove the metalava version check from the toolchain input processor.
 + 9f14c07:
 delete gazell:ignore
 + e9fe9f2:
 roll protobuf to 3.13.0
 + 79d5af9:
 roll bazel-gazelle to 0.21.1
 + eb2e12d:
 Add writable to the cipd install directory.
 + 0df8d29:
 use test_env rather than action_env for test
 + ac6bc28:
 integ: use data deps instead of flag with $(location)
 + 7dde86c:
 refactor BuildClangCommand
 + 165e768:
 flagsparser: use clang's to parse clang flags.
 + 11c7804:
 move reproxy_dep_test into own dir
 + 61500ef:
 roll rules_go 0.23.8
 + 7344b85:
 reproxy: set default platform OSFamily properties.
 + 5e7b160:
 make sure remoteexec calls remote-apis, not local fallback
 + 8622f88:
 roll rules_go 0.23.7
 + b9c7215:
 Revert "Merge "Fixing remote compare mode to update the action result with the local run results.""
 + 41c7c67:
 Migrate javac input processor to the new preprocessor.
 + 9cdbae9:
 Cleanup clang related input processors now that all clang dependent input processors are migrated.
 + 87c1361:
 Migrate clang links to the new preprocessor.
 + 5aee2df:
 Migrate clang CL to the new preprocessor.
 + 5136612:
 Migrate header abi dumper to the new preprocessor.
 + 7e40a68:
 Migrate clanglint to the new prerprocessor.
 + a39a537:
 Migrate cpp input processor to the new Preprocessor.
 + 2f043c3:
 Move the clang flagparser to a new package.
 + df3ae15:
 Migrate metalava to the new preprocessor.
 + 1e4dffc:
 Migrate r8 input processor to the new Preprocessor.
 + 1441cc4:
 Migrate the d8 label to the new Preprocessor.
 + 7199f56:
 Migrate the tool label to the new Preprocessor.
 + b0593d3:
 Add Preprocessor and BasePreprocessor
 + 0f1d451:
 roll rules_go v0.23.6
 + 3bd9fd2:
 cleanup patch for llvm.
 + 470f86c:
 install the new msys2 keyring
 + 48d326d:
 roll rules_go to 0.23.5
 + db0c65a:
 Fix broken gazelle after adding gen_clang_cl_flags
 + 204d8a1:
 Remove shadow headers.
 + f221db8:
 Add a coverage report to the linux presubmit.

Release 0.13.5 (2020-07-23)

 + 16831e5:
 Do not store cache entries for directories
 + 45dce2b:
 roll rules_go to v0.23.4
 + 07ee194:
 kokoro/macos_extenral: enabe unit tests
 + f45e5be:
 chromium linux integration test
 + ab096bd:
 Do not add dependencies from the CLI for signapk actions
 + eb92c1c:
 Invalidate output file cache entries before uploading LERC cache outputs
 + 4691c35:
 Add verification of LERC stats in integration test
 + dc2894c:
 Hide cpp dependency scanner inside input processor
 + d74d8f1:
 Remove the need to verify timestamp set by clang binary
 + 9ea12a5:
 handle clang-cl flags
 + ab6e77b:
 Disable local fallback when LERC local execution fails with a user error.
 + 9780e32:
 refactor flagsparser
 + 750690c:
 remoteexec test: show reproxy log if failed.
 + 88ba17a:
 Fixing remote compare mode to update the action result with the local run results.
 + 2207a13:
 Bumping SDK version to propagate recent bug fixes
 + 175cdbe:
 Add Dockerfile for ubuntu container with strace for RE debugging.
 + 0c4fab3:
 Add instructions on how to fetch dev-foundry.json file
 + 98f89d7:
 Removing a no longer needed ProxyResponseMillies stat.
 + 1537b7f:
 Add reproxy option to dump input tree of all actions it receives.
 + 09d4d6c:
 kokoro: Add Mac presubmit build
 + 53e3c14:
 Fix scripts to reflect current locations of bazel binaries.
 + 545b29a:
 kokoro: Set GOPATH, GOBIN, PATH for Mac builds

Release 0.13.4 (2020-06-30)

 + 3af712d:
 kokoro: Set directory in mac continuous build
 + 4ad36dd:
 Rewrite environment variables to have relative paths.
 + eba7afc:
 kokoro: Add macos_external dir with continuous build
 + d245833:
 gcp_windows: use --test_output=streamed
 + 6b2ce38:
 Centralize config_setting in BUILD.bazel file
 + 73e7928:
 gazelle: no need to exclude internal/pkg/cppdependencyscanner
 + 498daa8:
 swig is no longer needed
 + 7c18a43:
 windows presubmit builder
 + d989ccf:
 Fix kokoro windows
 + 854eeec:
 update go protobuf
 + 02cf17f:
 fix BUILD.bazel by gazelle
 + 54a6cfb:
 don't run cp command

Release 0.13.3 (2020-06-25)

 + e0ce5e9:
 Update remote-apis-sdks to include fix for cache issue
 + 1bb305e:
 Switching to SDK version of Cache.
 + 1d54d28:
 use --experimental_allow_tags_propagation
 + 729dee1:
 fix build on linux
 + 147ae72:
 kokoro for windows
 + 856638b:
 enable windows build
 + 823753f:
 cppdependencyscanner: no need to link libdl
 + 6186c4c:
 inputprocessor: Add .keep_me to -sysroot, etc
 + 43befec:
 Add doc for rules_foreign_cc patch
 + 4dec8c3:
 cppcompile: fix test on windows
 + d48f808:
 reproxy: static link libstdc++
 + 8a52c03:
 Add remote execution support for clang-tidy actions
 + 677ac78:
 Patch osx_commands.bzl in rules_foreign_cc
 + df50112:
 cppcompile: Use WorkingDirectory in unit test
 + 36ad52f:
 cppdependencyscanner: don't use -Bstatic for macosx
 + 52995ef:
 Use v3 docker image (adds cipd binaries)
 + b986df7:
 Add cipd.yaml file.
 + f68612c:
 Add depot_tools to re-client-builder DockerFile.
 + 7335e04:
 fix mac build
 + 0b11193:
 cppdependencyscanner as go_library
 + e709044:
 remove custom plugin build rule
 + 1f7d8c1:
 Fix bump-version script to ignore merge commits

Release 0.13.2 (2020-06-08)

 + 8d702db:
 Parse metalava dep file if present.
 + 476583e:
 Add a script to autogenerate version bump commit
 + 0ef1512:
 Add a test to make sure version numbers dont contain undefined string
 + 5ef722c:
 cleanup //internal/pkg/bootstrap
 + 5f23182:
 inputprocessor recognizes clang '-arch' flag
 + f0ae1e9:
 clangscandeps: get rid of swig
 + 66741fb:
 Bump bazel version to 3.2.
 + 428104c:
 Add -fsanitize-blacklist argument to 'toAbsArgs' list.
 + c8d7682:
 use protocmp for cmp.Diff
 + 4b64c20:
 Revert "Revert "fix .bazelrc for windows""
 + 0756620:
 cleanup BUILD.bazel
 + 5aa7bea:
 cleanup //pkg/cache
 + ca687d4:
 remove //internal/pkg/cli
 + 41e60cf:
 skip TestCleanIncludePaths on windows
 + 3e5e8bc:
 Remove sync.Once from feature config since its not needed.

Release 0.13.1 (2020-05-27)

  + 6ef0853:
    Revert "fix .bazelrc for windows"

This release fixes the re-client version number to re-include git commit sha.

Release 0.13.0 (2020-05-27)

  + ac536bf:
    fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/action/r8 test for windows
  + 9685b69:
    Merge "fix //internal/pkg/reproxy test for windows"
  + 6ac7ff7:
    fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/toolchain test on windows
  + 63007d4:
    fix //internal/pkg/reproxy test for windows
  + 41a675a:
    fix //pkg/inputprocessor test on windows
  + e13bf22:
    Merge "Add an r8 input processor capable of parsing flags files and transitive includes."
  + 95ac626:
    Merge "fix //internal/pkg/subprocess"
  + c3002a1:
    Add an r8 input processor capable of parsing flags files and transitive includes.
  + 35e5cdf:
    fix //pkg/filemetadata test for windows
  + 99a4d56:
    fix //internal/pkg/subprocess
  + 1744d44:
    remove processToolchainInputsUsingStrace
  + 48993d9:
    Merge "fix internal/pkg/logger for windows"
  + 7ef55eb:
    Merge "fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/pathtranslator test for windows"
  + a97c325:
    fix internal/pkg/logger for windows
  + a932917:
    fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/pathtranslator test for windows
  + f44a68d:
    add totalRamMBs for windows
  + 5666f30:
    Merge "fix //internal/pkg/deps test for windows"
  + 27f7037:
    Merge "Use rules_go's bazel package to access runfiles"
  + a5c9bfe:
    Merge "Linux- and Mac-specific code for reproxy/localexec"
  + 564beb4:
    fix //internal/pkg/deps test for windows
  + 50ded68:
    Merge "fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/action/cppcompile test for windows"
  + 87a022d:
    Merge "fix //internal/pkg/deps test for windows"
  + 2e6868b:
    Merge "fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/flagparser test for windows"
  + d6c91db:
    Merge "fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/action/headerabi test for windows"
  + 45b5ed0:
    Merge "Support main-dex-list flag in r8 and d8 commands."
  + 66cefb8:
    fix //internal/pkg/deps test for windows
  + bf430b1:
    fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/action/cppcompile test for windows
  + b8f5819:
    fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/action/headerabi test for windows
  + d0bebef:
    fix //internal/pkg/inputprocessor/flagparser test for windows
  + 635625b:
    Use rules_go's bazel package to access runfiles
  + c83c795:
    execroot: fix for windows
  + b16b64b:
    Merge "don't use (*os.File).Chmod"
  + 9340e2d:
    Merge "Make feature config a singleton for use throughout reproxy."
  + aff8a35:
    don't use (*os.File).Chmod
  + 0d35981:
    Support main-dex-list flag in r8 and d8 commands.
  + 16d3015:
    update rules_go from 0.20.1 to 0.21.7
  + 5dbe23f:
    Make feature config a singleton for use throughout reproxy.
  + f98951c:
    Linux- and Mac-specific code for reproxy/localexec
  + de5ea79:
    Merge "fix .bazelrc for windows"
  + 556277e:
    Add feature for cleaning input paths.
  + c6b56a5:
    fix .bazelrc for windows
  + 703a714:
    Fix GoB/Gerrit URL in
  + f86cb46:
    Merge "Revert "Include all package html files under sourcepath for metalava actions.""
  + 9b43238:
    Revert "Include all package html files under sourcepath for metalava actions."
  + ca42d0a:
    Merge "Include all package html files under sourcepath for metalava actions."
  + b83225b:
    Include all package html files under sourcepath for metalava actions.
  + 907ecd3:
    Add new metalava flags to the metalava flagparser.
  + 1bef273:
    Merge "Add file specified by -Wl,--out-implib as an output for link actions"
  + 4b9d944:
    Convert shallowFallback to a configuration in reproxy
  + 405f716:
    Merge "Add label-digest as well to command-id"
  + c74bf70:
    Exclude metalava sourcepath from inputs and make it a virtual directory instead.
  + 6892cfa:
    Add label-digest as well to command-id
  + 9a3b8ef:
    Merge "Include rsp file(s) as explicit inputs if passed explicitly to rewrapper."
  + 5830ee1:
    Add stat for local execution queuing time
  + 3bce8a5:
    Add 'fprofile-sample-use' to the list of arguments to make absolute paths before passing to clang-scan-deps.
  + 4ec62be:
    Update bazel version to 3.1.0.
  + 715602d:
    Add file specified by -Wl,--out-implib as an output for link actions
  + fbc78f7:
    Fix post-submits for bazelisk change.
  + c94dc5f:
    Update clang plugin custom rule to pass tags to its actions.
  + 660ef01:
    Merge "Change CI to use bazlisk, add new Docker image."
  + 9b15ee8:
    Fix continuous android integration tests
  + a8c2ed5:
    Change CI to use bazlisk, add new Docker image.
  + 5b837e8:
    Include rsp file(s) as explicit inputs if passed explicitly to rewrapper.

This release includes a number of fixes to:

  1. Get re-client to build in Windows
  2. Fix R8 mismatches
  3. Change re-client builds to use Bazelisk
  4. Fixes for C++ link action mismatches
  5. Fixes to flag parser / input processor for metalava actions

Release 0.12.2 (2020-04-15)

  + d52f0b7:
    Remove un-needed chdir and fix integration tests
  + 34c2872:
    Remove -debug-info-kind flag in clang-scan-deps.
  + 0e25698:
    Fix how we invoke clang++ binary to find resource directory
  + 94f70cf:
    Add an rsp package for centralizing rsp file parsing.

This release primarily contains bug fixes to C++ input processor and rsp file parsing.

Release 0.12.1 (2020-04-10)

  + 09a5526:
    Also cache when we fail to find the resource-directory

This release fixes input processor latency for header-abi-dumper actions.

Release 0.12.0 (2020-04-08)

  + 5b29aa6:
    Fix compare mode for actions where some inputs are also outputs.
  + 9c31e0d:
    Add .toc files as additional dependencies
  + 667c5e1:
    Supporting remote execution of header ABI dump actions
  + 625fc40:
    Add more details on how to build the code and run tests, and how to contribute.
  + 99426b0:
    Add support for Bazelisk and pin to Bazel 2.2.0.

This release adds support for remote execution of header ABI dumper and adds a fix for compare mode of metalava actions.

Release 0.11.0 (2020-04-02)

  + b2836e1:
    Add output_directories and multiple rsp files flags to rewrapper.
  + 4559f40:
    Log flags in rewrapper after parsing.
  + 8afef4a:
    Removing flags logging from rewrapper, making it verbosity 1
  + b7447ea:
    Use LOG_DIR variable in android integration tests.
  + 74ec9b9:
    Add support in reproxy for link actions

This release adds support for linking, explicit output directories, and multiple input file lists. Also includes logging fixes.

Release 0.10.0 (2020-04-01)

  + 3be02a4:
    Fix metalava input processor.
  + 7c66991:
    Add common config file with artifact definitions for log files.
  + c2a1d10:
    Local execution to support non-uniform resource requirements. Bug: b/151818457
  + 000cd94:
    Cache metalava version to avoid running metalava multiple times.
  + 9615ed6:
    Refactor toolchain input processor and support version checks.
  + 0a5b462:
    Add a metalava flag parser.
  + 13dc031:
    Remove support for async artifact upload in LERC.
  + b5d8485:
    Failure in the input processor should fallback to local execution.
  + 751faad:
    Using SDK command proto (latest SDK commit)
  + 836d908:
    Logging improvements: log all flags from all binaries, log server address on failed dial
  + 3e20ddd:
    Add remote_disabled mode to reproxy.

This release mainly adds metalava support to reproxy.

Release 0.9.5 (2020-03-16)

  + 0bd4e59:
    Add scripts to do global setup of RBE variables to android developers
  + 3ff26d6:
    Add reproxy support for cache-silo key
  + 614329a:
    Dont clean command args by default

This release makes reproxy support cache silo key and does not clean arguments for remote execution to prevent bootloops on output images.

Release 0.9.4 (2020-03-05)

  + 250a753:
    Fix unnecessary deps validation when deep input processor succeeds.
  + 061b94c:
    Add the gcno file to the output spec if --coverage is passed to clang

This release has fixes for downloading coverage file generated as part of clang compiles and fixes LERC to NOT do un-necessary dependency validation.

Release 0.9.3 (2020-03-03)

  + 9d89a75:
    Updated the clang flag parser to handle more general clang commands.
  + a9eddb0:
    Document that --toolchain_inputs is relative to the exec root.
  + 628a60a:
    Handle -B flag and add it as a dependency.
  + bd7abce:
    Bump SDK version to include fix for batch download of blobs.
  + a792271:
    Modify create-release script to drop to test/ folder

This release has fixes with respect to C++ input processor and bumps RE-SDK version to include fix for batch blob downloads.

Release 0.9.2 (2020-02-28)

  + e140d51:
    Replace moreflag with rbeflag in the version package.
  + 290e433:
    Upgrade sdk to include batch upload size fix.
  + 415cb83:
    Enforce all returned paths from input processor are under exec root.
  + 80fb1b3:
    Remove the -fintegrated-cc1 flag when doing clang-scan-deps.
  + 6d0e3f1:
    Remove changelog from prebuilt-drop tool invocation

This release fixes a bug in reading RBE flags and includes input processor refactorings and fixes for supporting the nest/chrome builds.

Release 0.9.1 (2020-02-25)

  + f4fae4d:
    Pass vargs to clang-scan-deps instead of combined string
  + 1ff5530:
    Remove the invalidation check in dependency scanner plugin

This release changes scan-deps interface so that it takes an unescaped list of arguments instead of a JSON database string.

Release 0.9.0 (2020-02-21)

  + 9bdf5ca:
    Support toolchain_inputs flag for explicitly specifying toolchain
  + 4f47570:
    Handle -fsanitize-blacklist and -fprofile-sample-use similar to fprofile-use
  + b29d7a3:
    Change default execution strategy to undefined
  + 52cb208:
    Fix broken javac integ test.
  + 17cd328:
    rbeflag package allows setting flags with RBE_ prefixed env vars.
  + faf5c1e:
    Remove workaround to not delete inputs under output directories in compare mode.
  + 6abae0d:
    Add escaping for spaces on clang build command.
  + 09f5abf:
    toolchain: toolchain executable is workdir relative
  + 7179410:
    Fixing tool commands to process inputs shallow
  + bf15e5b:
    Adding ability to parse logs from multiple files, and save to separate files.

This release contains support for the toolchain_inputs flag and other fixes.

Release 0.8.2 (2020-02-10)

  + cc4b9cf:
    Fix log messages missing printing the error.

This release fixes missing error logs in removal of output directories in compare mode.

Release 0.8.1 (2020-02-07)

  + 2ae2a7f:
    Prevent deletion of inputs under output directories in compare mode.
  + 8365bbf:
    Added strings replacer to properly encode quotation marks on created.
  + c8b2db9:
    Change updated flags instead of actual flags.
  + 453eceb:
    Added a feature to enable/disable the use of the toolchain input file.
  + f8f49b9:
    Support remote execution of javac/r8/d8.
  + ee5e60c:
    Propagate RBE_HTTP_PROXY value to reproxy, if set.
  + 7761b78:
    Add a debug helper function for dumping inputs to a tmp directory.
  + 587f2d4:
    Add working directory to the joined path of the .keep_me file.
  + 0284950:
    Add a feature to enable/disable the command argument cleaning. Default is enabled.

This release fixes a breakage in D8 compare builds due to having inputs under output directories.

Release 0.8.0 (2020-02-03)

  + 7af0844
    Fix mismatch in ab/6089871 due to missing dependency on the --system dir.
  + 4cf6a50
    Update Android internal image to 2020-01-22 snapshot.
  + 6d08ef5
    Merge toolchain inputs in returned results in case of shallow fallback
  + 86630ca
    Fix segmentation fault when both toolchain and clangscandeps fail
  + 5c040c2
    Add javac LERC integration test.
  + fd852e5
    Add feature to enable in band update of action results to test
    whether it has an impact on performance.
  + 59f7155
    Fix crash in stat logging when accept-cached is false
  + f4a59aa
    Fix the paths returned by toolchain input processor
  + 0132e03
    Add -Qunused-arguments parameter to scan-deps invocation to suppress warnings

This release adds a feature to enable synchronous upload of cached results in LERC mode and has a couple of bug-fixes for remote-execution flow.

Release 0.7.2 (2020-01-23)

  + edfbaae:
    Remove -verify flag before calling clang-scan-deps
  + 4930837:
    Revert "Merge "Optimize the dependency scanner plugin to reuse workers""

This release reverts the clang-scan-deps optimization since we discovered a bug in clang-scan-deps caching behaviour when workers are reused.

Release 0.7.1 (2020-01-20)

  + bfee822:
    Fix occasional failure in Javac/R8/D8 compare builds
  + 6a54076:
    Remote execution integration test for re-client
  + 3cefecc:
    Optimize the dependency scanner plugin to reuse workers
  + a172d20:
    Aggregating stats per label.
  + 31fbea5:
    Use a random socket file in integration tests
  + 98f775a:
    Per proxy invocation ID.
  + fd4a213:
    Make rewrapper block until it can dial to reproxy.
  + 2b43cf9:
    Part 2 of renaming continuous_android tests to continuous_android_lerc
  + b5ced78:
    Updated scripts/install to run on mac as well as linux.
  + e15143f:
    Updated cgo directives to selectively pick certain libraries.
  + 900dbff:
    Update the dep scanning build script to run on macos as well as linux.
  + d9b6602:
    Update the cpp dependency scanner integration test to explicitly
  + f5eac3c:
    Update .gitignore file to ignore MacOS .DS_Store files.
  + 53b2fe8:
    Add virtual inputs for all -I and -isystem dir paths

This release includes a potential fix for the flaky resource exhaustion issue as well as an optimization for the clang-scan-deps plugin.

Release 0.7.0 (2020-01-06)

  + ea1b2a1:
    Wireup the new toolchain input processor as part of ProcessInputs fn
  + f0ae7a8:
    Script to test application default creds on Android corp buildbots

This release adds a feature to search for “remote_toolchain_inputs” file that lives alongside LLVM toolchains in Android to specify the list of files that constitute toolchain inputs.

Release 0.6.2 (2019-12-19)

  + 41c7b59:
    Update remote-apis-sdks commit to include the GRPC fix in SDK
  + bd18b14:
    Prevent failure to load clang-scan-deps from failing actions.

This release primarily fixes the GRPC max concurrent streams issue in the SDK and goes back to using full input processor as default.

Release 0.6.1 (2019-12-16)

  + d3de0ae:
    Make shallow input processing the default.
  + 8ded0c8:
    Fix for flakiness in logger that potentially caused b/146229435.
  + 25dab52:
    Add clang-scan-deps to LERC.
  + 8e55b12:
    Add verification mode to runRemote.

Release 0.6.0 (2019-12-03)


  + 6882689:
    Compare mode for actions with output directories.
  + 08499f0:
    Add flag to enable shadow header detection.
  + 709061a:
    Switching SDK to latest commit (retries)
  + 04eb160:
    Add a tool action type to run any tool with the inputs/outputs
  + f6cc51b:
    Add reproxy version number as a cache silo to all actions.
  + 0519b5b:
    Move flags structs to a separate package: pkg/flags.
  + c16f9c8:
    Simplify the signature of ProcessInputsShallow.
  + 1165068:
    Fix flaky test due to non-deterministic order of include directories.
  + 4ff0a4b:
    Optimize shadow headers performance.
  + 04223fe:
    Refactor runLERC code to follow go readability guidelines.
  + 4087961:
    Switching to latest SDK version
  + be22f0b:
    Add documentation about the dependency scanner plugin
  + 996339d:
    Change V(2) log to warning log when RE fails and we fallback to local
  + 689c6cb:
    Update to the correct instance name.
  + d8bcce5:
    Make rewrapper retries less aggresssive and increase max retry duration
  + 356debf:
    Fixing stats aggregation bug.
  + 222117f:
    Pass rewrapper start time to reproxy for logging and aggregation.
  + b6b1478:
    Restrict input processor parallelism to num CPU cores
  + 7b54918:
    Adding include processor timing stats.
  + fe28910:
    Adding end-to-end timing stats, minor refactoring
  + 9c1afd7:
    Adding local execution timing stats to the proxy
  + 2cac73d:
    Rename rbe_metrics file to rbe_metrics.txt
  + 82edf55:
    Adding LERC deps timing metadata
  + 50d62ad:
    Add dependency scanner plugin to the release script

This release adds local performance metrics and shadow header detection as an off by default feature.

Release 0.5.3 (2019-11-13)


  + da676b7:
    Statically link libstdc++ with the Go plugin to avoid
    libstdc++ version issues on Android buildbot.

This release addresses libstdc++ loading issue on dependency scanner plugin.

Release 0.5.2 (2019-11-13)


  + 7a4cc47:
    Don't fail reproxy when loading of dependency scanner plugin fails.
  + efea8bf:
    Add a temporary workaround suggested in rules_go to fix issue
    with version number stamping.

This release makes reproxy not fail when it cannot load CPP dependency scanner plugin.

Release 0.5.1 (2019-11-11)


  + 05875af:
    Add to Kokoro regex too

This release makes the Kokoro workflow also upload dependency scanner plugin.

Release 0.5.0 (2019-11-11)


  + 2904c9d:
    Implementing LERC with include directories awareness for constructing
    dependency file.
  + 2c7f757:
    Migrating to latest dependency versions and Bazel 1.1.
  + cc8cc63:
    Wire up clang-scan-deps to input processor.
  + 13374fc:
    Adding output metrics and digests to proxy log and stats.
  + a46e81f:
    Support rsp files for javac compiles.

This release mainly adds dependency scanner plugin to support remote execution for C++ compile actions.

Release 0.3.0 (2019-10-22)


  + ba1466e:
    Add flag to control bootstrap timeout
  + 55d0ad6:
    Keep track of RBE tool version in Dremel
  + 3839b37:
    Renaming Dial to NewClient for clarity

This release mainly adds RBE tool version number to dumpstats.