Update qemu kernels to latest variant.

Original commit (in prebuilt/ project):

commit 03a3eef0ac20cb10e4563635b7079ac51cf19007
Author: Kenny Root <kroot@google.com>
Date:   Wed Dec 7 16:23:26 2011 -0800

    emulator: kernel: goldfish-armv7: TLS register support

    Built with the following patch added:

    c497e41270a4ad78ca55ab5674b5342e8d939e56 Update goldfish_armv7 config for TLS reg

    The HEAD of the source tree is the first SHA-1: c497e41270a4ad78ca55ab5674b5342e8d939e56

    This adds in support for the newer ARM CP15 c13 TLS register instead of
    the memory vector that previous generations used.

Change-Id: I05c40a14b1eb35a5ceceffd96211152608115715
2 files changed
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