Upgrade emulator kernels

kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.10-mips64 - build: 2893689
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.10-arm - build: 2893694
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.10-mips - build: 2893693
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.10-arm64 - build: 2893690
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.10-x86_64-qemu1 - build: 2893692
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.4-x86 - build: 2890579
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.10-x86_64 - build: 2893695
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.4-mips - build: 2890585
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.4-arm - build: 2890584
kernel-n-dev-android-goldfish-3.10-x86 - build: 2893691

Upgrade 3.4 kernel images to e1745b2
e1745b2 MIPS: goldfish_defconfig: Enable seccomp support

Upgrade 3.10 kernel images to 02a99ad
02a99ad Merge branch 'android-3.10' into android-goldfish-3.10
ed0b9b4 USB: fix undeclared hub_release error in x86 build
1011d99 inet: fix addr_len/msg->msg_namelen assignment in recv_error and rxpmtu functions
b1576ab ping: prevent NULL pointer dereference on write to msg_name
1ad7f4b inet: prevent leakage of uninitialized memory to user in recv syscalls
a425165 Revert "ping: prevent NULL pointer dereference on write to msg_name"
3504ad9 UPSTREAM: USB: fix invalid memory access in hub_activate()
75bfc5b UPSTREAM: tty: Fix unsafe ldisc reference via ioctl(TIOCGETD)
7de8a8d UPSTREAM: AIO: properly check iovec sizes
e950a7f UPSTREAM: procfs: fixes pthread cross-thread naming if !PR_DUMPABLE
6a3520b ANDROID: dm: use name_to_dev_t
105dc6e dm: fix dm_substitute_devices()
3c71420 BACKPORT: f2fs: add a max block check for get_data_block_bmap
2564b24 fuse: Add support for d_canonical_path
1201271 vfs: change d_canonical_path to take two paths

Change-Id: I580a38fb113222a5a1a4492c1487ba94ef9afbb3
10 files changed