Upgrade 3.10 kernel images to c2b95821

This patch upgrades the Mips64 and Arm64 kernel images to the ToT
of android-goldfish-3.10 on android.googlesource.com/kernel/goldfish.git

Changelog since last kernel updates:

	c2b9582 MIPS64: Enable CONFIG_PROC_DEVICETREE in ranchu64_defconfig
	0948035 goldfish: Enable ACPI-based enumeration for goldfish framebuffer
	044d26f goldfish: Enable ACPI-based enumeration for android pipe
	af33cac acpi: Create platform devices with a default DMA mask
	aed0ccd goldfish: Enable ACPI-based enumeration for goldfish events
	f23273c x86: Enable SMP support in ranchu defconfigs
	acf92a5 goldfish_pipe: Pass physical addresses to the device if supported
	d3be10e goldfish: Enable ACPI-based enumeration for goldfish battery
	df7094c x86: Add ranchu defconfigs for the new Android emulator
	1c22e84 drivers: tty: goldfish: Add device tree bindings
	7f0c146 drivers: tty: goldfish: support platform_device with id -1
	a435c70 [MIPS] Implement arch_dup_task_struct for mips
	0babc1b Merge branch 'android-goldfish-3.10-mips' into android-goldfish-3.10
	8d31bf6 Add Goldfish RTC DT enabled device driver
	77559b0 [MIPS] Enable platform support for Goldfish virtual devices
	288666c [MIPS64] Add ranchu64_defconfig for Ranchu kernel
	231425d [MIPS] Ranchu platform Appended DTB support
	fb4a938 [MIPS] Ranchu Virtual platform with DT support
	161b332 [MIPS64] Handle additional O32 syscall args in 64bit kernel
	24f5945 MIPS: R6 sets FR1 as default
	8557f95 MIPS: build fix: sprinkle hardfloat into macros and embedded ASM
	3a905b7 MIPS: Setup an instruction emulation in VDSO protected page instead of user stack
	f4377e5 MIPS: R6: emulation of MIPS R2 removed instructions.
	091c618 MIPS: bugfix of TLB refill optimisation
	c499236 MIPS: First MIPS R6 architecture implementation
	7cebf88 MIPS: add seccomp syscall
	8a66daa MIPS: conglomerate of multiple MIPS bugfixes and improvements
	915e2ab MIPS HIGHMEM fixes for cache aliasing and non-DMA I/O.
	6da04c3 Merge android-3.10 into android-goldfish-3.10 (seccomp-tsync)
	900e9fd seccomp: fix syscall numbers for x86 and x86_64
	9ac8600 seccomp: Replace BUG(!spin_is_locked()) with assert_spin_lock
	f14a5db seccomp: implement SECCOMP_FILTER_FLAG_TSYNC
	c852ef7 seccomp: allow mode setting across threads
	61b6b88 seccomp: introduce writer locking
	b6a12bf seccomp: split filter prep from check and apply
	9d0ff69 sched: move no_new_privs into new atomic flags
	e985fd4 seccomp: add "seccomp" syscall
	8908dde seccomp: split mode setting routines
	b8a9cff seccomp: extract check/assign mode helpers
	2a30a43 seccomp: create internal mode-setting function
	987a0f1 introduce for_each_thread() to replace the buggy while_each_thread()
	a03a242 arch: Introduce smp_load_acquire(), smp_store_release()
	210957c arm64: add seccomp support
	9499cd2 syscall_get_arch: remove useless function arguments
	7722723 arm64: add SIGSYS siginfo for compat task
	4f12b53 add seccomp syscall for compat task
	dab1073 asm-generic: add generic seccomp.h for secure computing mode 1
	feb2843 arm64: ptrace: allow tracer to skip a system call
	abbfed9 arm64: ptrace: add PTRACE_SET_SYSCALL
	c04bf26 Merge 'common/android-3.10' into android-goldfish-3.10
	fe058ad Revert "goldfish: Disable Seccomp for Intel builds."
	88835a3 USB: f_rndis: fix compile error
	12407bb USB: gadget: rndis: Add module parameter for DL max packets per xfer
	5cf9479 ndis: Add debug support to disable RNDIS Multipacket Feature
	f9039de RNDIS: Add Data aggregation (multi packet) support
	91da92a USB: gadget: u_ether: Fix data stall issue in RNDIS tethering mode
	9c861db usb: gadget: prevent change of Host MAC address of 'usb0' interface
	555f3ed usb: u_ether: Add workqueue as bottom half handler for rx data path
	f884d7f arm64: Fixup __NR_* compat syscalls count.
	ba27127 arm64: is_compat_task is defined both in asm/compat.h and linux/compat.h
	4b373563 arm64: Add regs_return_value() in syscall.h
	3e21c0b arm64: audit: Add audit hook in syscall_trace_enter/exit()
	bf11863 arm64: Add audit support
	4f2f36a Move the EM_ARM and EM_AARCH64 definitions to uapi/linux/elf-em.h
	cfc7e99e9 arm64: Add __NR_* definitions for compat syscalls
	26108f2 arm64: split syscall_trace() into separate functions for enter/exit
	f91c274 arm64: make a single hook to syscall_trace() for all syscall features
	4149e0d seccomp: revert previous patches in prep for updated ones
	8fdfc48 arm64: Remove unused cpu_name ascii in arch/arm64/mm/proc.S
	eaa22ea arm64: drop redundant macros from read_cpuid()
	39fdc30 android: base-cfg: enable ARMV7_COMPAT

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