DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Upgrade 3.10 ranchu kernels to 1936fdf

bug: 32281309

1936fdf BACKPORT: perf/x86: Correctly use FEATURE_PDCM
cd1522f [pipe] An implementation of more parallel android_pipe driver
a45ce39 arm: defconfig: enable LPAE for ranchu platform
62bc4bd Merge branch 'android-3.10' into android-goldfish-3.10
    081cf99 UPSTREAM: arm64: make sys_call_table const
    3724945 net: inet: diag: expose the socket mark to privileged processes.
    a6226bb net: diag: make udp_diag_destroy work for mapped addresses.
    0e7ad12 BACKPORT: ALSA: usb-audio: Fix double-free in error paths after snd_usb_add_audio_stream() call
    5982d2e BACKPORT: ALSA: usb-audio: Minor code cleanup in create_fixed_stream_quirk()
    b581331 pstore: drop pmsg bounce buffer
081cf99 UPSTREAM: arm64: make sys_call_table const

This is a large change.

This includes PMU enable from Intel
to fix CTS simpleperf tests
+ zyy@'s v2 pipe driver
+ various jinqian@'s ports from android-3.10 and an arm64 fix
  from ARM.

Change-Id: Ibebcbffe03b596031aeba6a8d0de3d2ea27facd8
8 files changed