Move emulator kernels to a separate project.

Original commit for the qemu kernels:

commit ffb4c7a2309dd37821f831ed6b545acbfe83401d
Author: Vladimir Chtchetkine <>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 06:52:17 2011 -0800

    emulator: kernel: goldfish: VPN and networking option fixes

    Built with the following patches:

    46b05b2fc0594fd6db7ea88c1e9f02ec395c33a0 emulator: kernel: goldfish: Enable CONFIG_TUN
    da20c851a097161bcb40f0204bf1fc94983d0542 emulator: kernel: goldfish: Update networking options
    2fe8294d8a47820d986956e4b69c95b2d6af37a2 emulator: kernel: goldfish: Fix multi-touch event handl

    The HEAD of the source tree is the first SHA-1: 46b05b2fc0594fd6db7ea88c1e9f02ec395c33a0

    The first one (in reversed order) fixes multi-touch emulation (when using a real
    USB-connected device to emulate sensors)

    The second one updates network configuration settings (enabling a few options in
    the ARM configs that are already enabled in the x86 one)

    The third one enables TUN and ensures that applications cannot create tun interfaces
    as well. It depends on the second one and is required for VPN support in the emulator.

Original commit for the vbox kernels:

commit fc9e511de05d636302c8487079773c76bfd10190
Author: David 'Digit' Turner <>
Date:   Sat Mar 19 00:15:27 2011 +0100

    Update x86 virtualbox kernel image.

    This image was generated using the following repositories
    on (and corresponding SHA1s):




    It was generated by invoking the script with:

        /path/to/ --arch=x86 --config=vbox

    This image is only intended for emulation with the VirtualBox

    + Remove obsolete .config file
    + Update README
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