MIPS kernel-qemu

Build with recently merged 8 CLs from MIPS

f1ef1c85543862e9a4807923f3bbd24afc684907  mips: Outline udelay and fix a few issues.
9c19c38ba3a3d0ea21306ccc973264df9c9eb088  mips: goldfish: Goldfish driver support for MIPS
7b5585b2b9db8545478f1c8e0f82d976d468a2b9  goldfish: Remove unused header asm/sizes.h
7d5d23c1e1c9a9825c498f9869a8222c190d9593  mips: Rewrite <asm/div64.h> to work with gcc 4.4.0.
8f45d4546ac940f885512077ad53a9bc16aaec5e  mips: Add High Res sched_clock support
b2c133f6d224628cf5e4a1abeca527dfe1c402ef  mips: Disable the unused-but-set gcc warning
3a5d97bee67907b020ec7f98f2f7f21d2bc1923a  mips: goldfish: Basic kernel support for MIPS Goldfish
8588c1f12c0d7f5ea96b1333b9d6416d9482e894  kbuild, modpost: Check the section flags, to catch missing "ax"/"aw"

The HEAD of the source tree is the first SHA-1: f1ef1c85543862e9a4807923f3bbd24afc684907

Please see README for how kernel-qemu is built

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