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/* Memory view object. In Python this is available as "memoryview". */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#ifndef Py_LIMITED_API
PyAPI_DATA(PyTypeObject) _PyManagedBuffer_Type;
PyAPI_DATA(PyTypeObject) PyMemoryView_Type;
#define PyMemoryView_Check(op) (Py_TYPE(op) == &PyMemoryView_Type)
#ifndef Py_LIMITED_API
/* Get a pointer to the memoryview's private copy of the exporter's buffer. */
#define PyMemoryView_GET_BUFFER(op) (&((PyMemoryViewObject *)(op))->view)
/* Get a pointer to the exporting object (this may be NULL!). */
#define PyMemoryView_GET_BASE(op) (((PyMemoryViewObject *)(op))->view.obj)
PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject *) PyMemoryView_FromObject(PyObject *base);
#if !defined(Py_LIMITED_API) || Py_LIMITED_API+0 >= 0x03030000
PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject *) PyMemoryView_FromMemory(char *mem, Py_ssize_t size,
int flags);
#ifndef Py_LIMITED_API
PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject *) PyMemoryView_FromBuffer(Py_buffer *info);
PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject *) PyMemoryView_GetContiguous(PyObject *base,
int buffertype,
char order);
/* The structs are declared here so that macros can work, but they shouldn't
be considered public. Don't access their fields directly, use the macros
and functions instead! */
#ifndef Py_LIMITED_API
#define _Py_MANAGED_BUFFER_RELEASED 0x001 /* access to exporter blocked */
#define _Py_MANAGED_BUFFER_FREE_FORMAT 0x002 /* free format */
typedef struct {
int flags; /* state flags */
Py_ssize_t exports; /* number of direct memoryview exports */
Py_buffer master; /* snapshot buffer obtained from the original exporter */
} _PyManagedBufferObject;
/* memoryview state flags */
#define _Py_MEMORYVIEW_RELEASED 0x001 /* access to master buffer blocked */
#define _Py_MEMORYVIEW_C 0x002 /* C-contiguous layout */
#define _Py_MEMORYVIEW_FORTRAN 0x004 /* Fortran contiguous layout */
#define _Py_MEMORYVIEW_SCALAR 0x008 /* scalar: ndim = 0 */
#define _Py_MEMORYVIEW_PIL 0x010 /* PIL-style layout */
typedef struct {
_PyManagedBufferObject *mbuf; /* managed buffer */
Py_hash_t hash; /* hash value for read-only views */
int flags; /* state flags */
Py_ssize_t exports; /* number of buffer re-exports */
Py_buffer view; /* private copy of the exporter's view */
PyObject *weakreflist;
Py_ssize_t ob_array[1]; /* shape, strides, suboffsets */
} PyMemoryViewObject;
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* !Py_MEMORYOBJECT_H */