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#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#ifndef Py_BUILD_CORE
# error "this header requires Py_BUILD_CORE define"
typedef struct _PyPathConfig {
/* Full path to the Python program */
wchar_t *program_full_path;
wchar_t *prefix;
wchar_t *exec_prefix;
/* Set by Py_SetPath(), or computed by _PyConfig_InitPathConfig() */
wchar_t *module_search_path;
/* Python program name */
wchar_t *program_name;
/* Set by Py_SetPythonHome() or PYTHONHOME environment variable */
wchar_t *home;
/* isolated and site_import are used to set Py_IsolatedFlag and
Py_NoSiteFlag flags on Windows in read_pth_file(). These fields
are ignored when their value are equal to -1 (unset). */
int isolated;
int site_import;
/* Set when a venv is detected */
wchar_t *base_executable;
} _PyPathConfig;
# define _PyPathConfig_INIT \
{.module_search_path = NULL, \
.isolated = -1, \
.site_import = -1}
# define _PyPathConfig_INIT \
{.module_search_path = NULL}
/* Note: _PyPathConfig_INIT sets other fields to 0/NULL */
PyAPI_DATA(_PyPathConfig) _Py_path_config;
PyAPI_DATA(wchar_t*) _Py_dll_path;
extern void _PyPathConfig_ClearGlobal(void);
extern PyStatus _PyPathConfig_SetGlobal(
const struct _PyPathConfig *pathconfig);
extern PyStatus _PyPathConfig_Calculate(
_PyPathConfig *pathconfig,
const PyConfig *config);
extern int _PyPathConfig_ComputeSysPath0(
const PyWideStringList *argv,
PyObject **path0);
extern int _Py_FindEnvConfigValue(
FILE *env_file,
const wchar_t *key,
wchar_t *value,
size_t value_size);
extern wchar_t* _Py_GetDLLPath(void);
extern PyStatus _PyConfig_WritePathConfig(const PyConfig *config);
extern void _Py_DumpPathConfig(PyThreadState *tstate);
#ifdef __cplusplus