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# Copyright 2007 Google, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed to PSF under a Contributor Agreement.
"""Fixer for removing uses of the types module.
These work for only the known names in the types module. The forms above
can include types. or not. ie, It is assumed the module is imported either as:
import types
from types import ... # either * or specific types
The import statements are not modified.
There should be another fixer that handles at least the following constants:
type([]) -> list
type(()) -> tuple
type('') -> str
# Local imports
from ..pgen2 import token
from .. import fixer_base
from ..fixer_util import Name
'BooleanType' : 'bool',
'BufferType' : 'memoryview',
'ClassType' : 'type',
'ComplexType' : 'complex',
'DictType': 'dict',
'DictionaryType' : 'dict',
'EllipsisType' : 'type(Ellipsis)',
#'FileType' : 'io.IOBase',
'FloatType': 'float',
'IntType': 'int',
'ListType': 'list',
'LongType': 'int',
'ObjectType' : 'object',
'NoneType': 'type(None)',
'NotImplementedType' : 'type(NotImplemented)',
'SliceType' : 'slice',
'StringType': 'bytes', # XXX ?
'StringTypes' : 'str', # XXX ?
'TupleType': 'tuple',
'TypeType' : 'type',
'UnicodeType': 'str',
'XRangeType' : 'range',
_pats = ["power< 'types' trailer< '.' name='%s' > >" % t for t in _TYPE_MAPPING]
class FixTypes(fixer_base.BaseFix):
BM_compatible = True
PATTERN = '|'.join(_pats)
def transform(self, node, results):
new_value = unicode(_TYPE_MAPPING.get(results["name"].value))
if new_value:
return Name(new_value, prefix=node.prefix)
return None