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# Copyright (C) 2001-2006 Python Software Foundation
# Author: Barry Warsaw
# Contact:
"""email package exception classes."""
class MessageError(Exception):
"""Base class for errors in the email package."""
class MessageParseError(MessageError):
"""Base class for message parsing errors."""
class HeaderParseError(MessageParseError):
"""Error while parsing headers."""
class BoundaryError(MessageParseError):
"""Couldn't find terminating boundary."""
class MultipartConversionError(MessageError, TypeError):
"""Conversion to a multipart is prohibited."""
class CharsetError(MessageError):
"""An illegal charset was given."""
# These are parsing defects which the parser was able to work around.
class MessageDefect:
"""Base class for a message defect."""
def __init__(self, line=None):
self.line = line
class NoBoundaryInMultipartDefect(MessageDefect):
"""A message claimed to be a multipart but had no boundary parameter."""
class StartBoundaryNotFoundDefect(MessageDefect):
"""The claimed start boundary was never found."""
class FirstHeaderLineIsContinuationDefect(MessageDefect):
"""A message had a continuation line as its first header line."""
class MisplacedEnvelopeHeaderDefect(MessageDefect):
"""A 'Unix-from' header was found in the middle of a header block."""
class MalformedHeaderDefect(MessageDefect):
"""Found a header that was missing a colon, or was otherwise malformed."""
class MultipartInvariantViolationDefect(MessageDefect):
"""A message claimed to be a multipart but no subparts were found."""