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Implements the Distutils 'install_data' command, for installing
platform-independent data files."""
# contributed by Bastian Kleineidam
__revision__ = "$Id$"
import os
from distutils.core import Command
from distutils.util import change_root, convert_path
class install_data(Command):
description = "install data files"
user_options = [
('install-dir=', 'd',
"base directory for installing data files "
"(default: installation base dir)"),
('root=', None,
"install everything relative to this alternate root directory"),
('force', 'f', "force installation (overwrite existing files)"),
boolean_options = ['force']
def initialize_options(self):
self.install_dir = None
self.outfiles = []
self.root = None
self.force = 0
self.data_files = self.distribution.data_files
self.warn_dir = 1
def finalize_options(self):
('install_data', 'install_dir'),
('root', 'root'),
('force', 'force'),
def run(self):
for f in self.data_files:
if isinstance(f, str):
# it's a simple file, so copy it
f = convert_path(f)
if self.warn_dir:
self.warn("setup script did not provide a directory for "
"'%s' -- installing right in '%s'" %
(f, self.install_dir))
(out, _) = self.copy_file(f, self.install_dir)
# it's a tuple with path to install to and a list of files
dir = convert_path(f[0])
if not os.path.isabs(dir):
dir = os.path.join(self.install_dir, dir)
elif self.root:
dir = change_root(self.root, dir)
if f[1] == []:
# If there are no files listed, the user must be
# trying to create an empty directory, so add the
# directory to the list of output files.
# Copy files, adding them to the list of output files.
for data in f[1]:
data = convert_path(data)
(out, _) = self.copy_file(data, dir)
def get_inputs(self):
return self.data_files or []
def get_outputs(self):
return self.outfiles