update ddmlib prebuilt

Resolves the issue where tradefed won't properly terminate

Bug: 21410061
Change-Id: Id0ebe76a90fe9fd43be51f7e1b42a2a82c6c651e
diff --git a/common/ddmlib/PREBUILT b/common/ddmlib/PREBUILT
index 9f660a7..f397d63 100644
--- a/common/ddmlib/PREBUILT
+++ b/common/ddmlib/PREBUILT
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
 The object in this prebuilt directory can be built from
-From the commit 24106116e2f332495bbaddef9dc60c45fa06914c
+From the commit 1cd60f02953f4df6f6905d6aa7a86a2a3758eed3
-Jar is obtained from git_studio-1.3-dev@1937458
+Jar is obtained from git_studio-1.3-dev@1955166
 Note: Before dropping the ddmlib-prebuilt.jar, please run
 the following command to strip the jar manifest file,
diff --git a/common/ddmlib/ddmlib-prebuilt.jar b/common/ddmlib/ddmlib-prebuilt.jar
index 87fbe7e..bc788d3 100644
--- a/common/ddmlib/ddmlib-prebuilt.jar
+++ b/common/ddmlib/ddmlib-prebuilt.jar
Binary files differ