Update ddmlib prebuilt.

Includes fixes to properly communicate with devices running AOSP master

Bug: 21557827
Change-Id: Ibe949778a412542031d109f5fc590d3e08ffb3fc
diff --git a/common/ddmlib/PREBUILT b/common/ddmlib/PREBUILT
index 91a2cde..4969b78 100644
--- a/common/ddmlib/PREBUILT
+++ b/common/ddmlib/PREBUILT
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-The object in this prebuilt directory is a copy of the jar from
+The object in this prebuilt directory can be built from
-From the commit 5f23e7bbf550ed69576dff2178c21c7109259a2e
+From the commit 1cd60f02953f4df6f6905d6aa7a86a2a3758eed3
 Note: Before dropping the ddmlib-prebuilt.jar, please run
 the following command to strip the jar manifest file,
diff --git a/common/ddmlib/ddmlib-prebuilt.jar b/common/ddmlib/ddmlib-prebuilt.jar
index e12bc93..46d6a4b 100644
--- a/common/ddmlib/ddmlib-prebuilt.jar
+++ b/common/ddmlib/ddmlib-prebuilt.jar
Binary files differ