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  1. e1ca350 Merge "Moving the NOTICE.txt back" by TreeHugger Robot · 8 months ago master nougat-mr2-dev nougat-mr2-pixel-release nougat-mr2-release nougat-mr2.1-release nougat-mr2.2-release nougat-mr2.3-release android-7.1.2_r1 android-7.1.2_r10 android-7.1.2_r11 android-7.1.2_r12 android-7.1.2_r13 android-7.1.2_r14 android-7.1.2_r15 android-7.1.2_r16 android-7.1.2_r17 android-7.1.2_r18 android-7.1.2_r19 android-7.1.2_r2 android-7.1.2_r23 android-7.1.2_r24 android-7.1.2_r25 android-7.1.2_r27 android-7.1.2_r28 android-7.1.2_r29 android-7.1.2_r3 android-7.1.2_r30 android-7.1.2_r32 android-7.1.2_r33 android-7.1.2_r4 android-7.1.2_r5 android-7.1.2_r6 android-7.1.2_r8 android-7.1.2_r9 android-o-preview-2 android-o-preview-3 android-o-preview-4 android-wear-o-preview-3
  2. 6f53f0a Moving the NOTICE.txt back by Kathy Kam · 8 months ago
  3. a760745 Update Internal Maven Repo for SupportLib 25.1.0 by Kathy Kam · 8 months ago
  4. 1f3c648 Update Internal Maven Repo for SupportLib 25.0.1 by Kathy Kam · 9 months ago
  5. d24cb6e Add R39 to maven repo by Chris Flatt · 10 months ago nougat-mr1-cts-release nougat-mr1-dev nougat-mr1-flounder-release nougat-mr1-release nougat-mr1-volantis-release nougat-mr1.1-release nougat-mr1.2-release nougat-mr1.3-release nougat-mr1.4-release nougat-mr1.5-release nougat-mr1.6-release studio-master-dev android-7.1.1_r1 android-7.1.1_r10 android-7.1.1_r11 android-7.1.1_r12 android-7.1.1_r13 android-7.1.1_r14 android-7.1.1_r15 android-7.1.1_r16 android-7.1.1_r17 android-7.1.1_r2 android-7.1.1_r20 android-7.1.1_r21 android-7.1.1_r22 android-7.1.1_r23 android-7.1.1_r24 android-7.1.1_r25 android-7.1.1_r26 android-7.1.1_r27 android-7.1.1_r28 android-7.1.1_r3 android-7.1.1_r31 android-7.1.1_r32 android-7.1.1_r33 android-7.1.1_r35 android-7.1.1_r38 android-7.1.1_r39 android-7.1.1_r4 android-7.1.1_r40 android-7.1.1_r41 android-7.1.1_r42 android-7.1.1_r43 android-7.1.1_r44 android-7.1.1_r45 android-7.1.1_r46 android-7.1.1_r47 android-7.1.1_r48 android-7.1.1_r49 android-7.1.1_r50 android-7.1.1_r6 android-7.1.1_r7 android-7.1.1_r8 android-7.1.1_r9 android-cts-7.1_r1 android-cts-7.1_r2 android-cts-7.1_r3 android-cts-7.1_r4 android-cts-7.1_r5 android-cts-7.1_r6 android-cts-7.1_r7 android-cts-7.1_r8 gradle_2.3.0 studio-2.3
  6. 7a16389 Merge "Remove ConstraintLayout alpha 1 from offline" by Nicolas Roard · 10 months ago o-preview sdk-release android-n-mr2-preview-1 android-n-mr2-preview-2 android-o-preview-1
  7. 023dd58 Update data binding version to 1.3.1. by George Mount · 10 months ago
  8. 056a717 Add 24.2.1 to maven_repo by Chris Flatt · 11 months ago
  9. fbf2fd3 Add R36 @ 3151093 by Chris Flatt · 11 months ago
  10. 531b089 Revert "Add R36 to repo" by Chris Flatt · 11 months ago
  11. 24f8bea Add R36 to repo by Chris Flatt · 11 months ago
  12. 6e21738 Updated data binding support libraries by Yigit Boyar · 11 months ago
  13. 2e07c91 Remove ConstraintLayout alpha 1 from offline by Nicolas Roard · 1 year ago
  14. cee2722 Alpha release of Espresso/Runner/Rules by Nick Korostelev · 1 year ago nougat-dr1-release android-7.1.0_r1 android-7.1.0_r2 android-7.1.0_r3 android-7.1.0_r4 android-7.1.0_r5 android-7.1.0_r6 android-7.1.0_r7
  15. ae28550 Add R35 to maven_repo by Chris Flatt · 1 year, 1 month ago
  16. ee60533 Add R34 to maven repo by Chris Flatt · 1 year, 1 month ago
  17. 51c582c Add R33, 24.0.0 to maven repo by Chris Flatt · 1 year, 2 months ago nougat-dev android-n-mr1-preview-1 android-n-mr1-preview-2
  18. 821bb22 Add data binding version 1.2.1, which fixes some bugs. by George Mount · 1 year, 2 months ago
  19. 432801e Add R32, 24.0.0-beta1 to maven_repo by Chris Flatt · 1 year, 3 months ago
  20. b525c29 Add ConstraintLayout artifacts to maven_repo by Romain Guy · 1 year, 3 months ago