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import decimal
from StringIO import StringIO
from collections import OrderedDict
from json.tests import PyTest, CTest
class TestDecode(object):
def test_decimal(self):
rval = self.loads('1.1', parse_float=decimal.Decimal)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(rval, decimal.Decimal))
self.assertEqual(rval, decimal.Decimal('1.1'))
def test_float(self):
rval = self.loads('1', parse_int=float)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(rval, float))
self.assertEqual(rval, 1.0)
def test_decoder_optimizations(self):
# Several optimizations were made that skip over calls to
# the whitespace regex, so this test is designed to try and
# exercise the uncommon cases. The array cases are already covered.
rval = self.loads('{ "key" : "value" , "k":"v" }')
self.assertEqual(rval, {"key":"value", "k":"v"})
def test_empty_objects(self):
self.assertEqual(self.loads('{}'), {})
self.assertEqual(self.loads('[]'), [])
self.assertEqual(self.loads('""'), u"")
self.assertIsInstance(self.loads('""'), unicode)
def test_object_pairs_hook(self):
s = '{"xkd":1, "kcw":2, "art":3, "hxm":4, "qrt":5, "pad":6, "hoy":7}'
p = [("xkd", 1), ("kcw", 2), ("art", 3), ("hxm", 4),
("qrt", 5), ("pad", 6), ("hoy", 7)]
self.assertEqual(self.loads(s), eval(s))
self.assertEqual(self.loads(s, object_pairs_hook=lambda x: x), p)
object_pairs_hook=lambda x: x), p)
od = self.loads(s, object_pairs_hook=OrderedDict)
self.assertEqual(od, OrderedDict(p))
self.assertEqual(type(od), OrderedDict)
# the object_pairs_hook takes priority over the object_hook
self.assertEqual(self.loads(s, object_pairs_hook=OrderedDict,
object_hook=lambda x: None),
# check that empty objects literals work (see #17368)
self.assertEqual(self.loads('{}', object_pairs_hook=OrderedDict),
self.assertEqual(self.loads('{"empty": {}}',
OrderedDict([('empty', OrderedDict())]))
def test_extra_data(self):
s = '[1, 2, 3]5'
msg = 'Extra data'
self.assertRaisesRegexp(ValueError, msg, self.loads, s)
def test_invalid_escape(self):
s = '["abc\\y"]'
msg = 'escape'
self.assertRaisesRegexp(ValueError, msg, self.loads, s)
class TestPyDecode(TestDecode, PyTest): pass
class TestCDecode(TestDecode, CTest): pass