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"""Tests for distutils.command.bdist_wininst."""
import unittest
from test.test_support import run_unittest
from distutils.command.bdist_wininst import bdist_wininst
from distutils.tests import support
class BuildWinInstTestCase(support.TempdirManager,
def test_get_exe_bytes(self):
# issue5731: command was broken on non-windows platforms
# this test makes sure it works now for every platform
# let's create a command
pkg_pth, dist = self.create_dist()
cmd = bdist_wininst(dist)
# let's run the code that finds the right wininst*.exe file
# and make sure it finds it and returns its content
# no matter what platform we have
exe_file = cmd.get_exe_bytes()
self.assertTrue(len(exe_file) > 10)
def test_suite():
return unittest.makeSuite(BuildWinInstTestCase)
if __name__ == '__main__':