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from distutils.command.build_ext import build_ext as _du_build_ext
# Attempt to use Pyrex for building extensions, if available
from Pyrex.Distutils.build_ext import build_ext as _build_ext
except ImportError:
_build_ext = _du_build_ext
import os, sys
from distutils.file_util import copy_file
from distutils.tests.setuptools_extension import Library
from distutils.ccompiler import new_compiler
from distutils.sysconfig import customize_compiler, get_config_var
get_config_var("LDSHARED") # make sure _config_vars is initialized
from distutils.sysconfig import _config_vars
from distutils import log
from distutils.errors import *
have_rtld = False
use_stubs = False
libtype = 'shared'
if sys.platform == "darwin":
use_stubs = True
elif != 'nt':
from dl import RTLD_NOW
have_rtld = True
use_stubs = True
except ImportError:
def if_dl(s):
if have_rtld:
return s
return ''
class build_ext(_build_ext):
def run(self):
"""Build extensions in build directory, then copy if --inplace"""
old_inplace, self.inplace = self.inplace, 0
self.inplace = old_inplace
if old_inplace:
def copy_extensions_to_source(self):
build_py = self.get_finalized_command('build_py')
for ext in self.extensions:
fullname = self.get_ext_fullname(
filename = self.get_ext_filename(fullname)
modpath = fullname.split('.')
package = '.'.join(modpath[:-1])
package_dir = build_py.get_package_dir(package)
dest_filename = os.path.join(package_dir,os.path.basename(filename))
src_filename = os.path.join(self.build_lib,filename)
# Always copy, even if source is older than destination, to ensure
# that the right extensions for the current Python/platform are
# used.
src_filename, dest_filename, verbose=self.verbose,
if ext._needs_stub:
self.write_stub(package_dir or os.curdir, ext, True)
if _build_ext is not _du_build_ext and not hasattr(_build_ext,'pyrex_sources'):
# Workaround for problems using some Pyrex versions w/SWIG and/or 2.4
def swig_sources(self, sources, *otherargs):
# first do any Pyrex processing
sources = _build_ext.swig_sources(self, sources) or sources
# Then do any actual SWIG stuff on the remainder
return _du_build_ext.swig_sources(self, sources, *otherargs)
def get_ext_filename(self, fullname):
filename = _build_ext.get_ext_filename(self,fullname)
ext = self.ext_map[fullname]
if isinstance(ext,Library):
fn, ext = os.path.splitext(filename)
return self.shlib_compiler.library_filename(fn,libtype)
elif use_stubs and ext._links_to_dynamic:
d,fn = os.path.split(filename)
return os.path.join(d,'dl-'+fn)
return filename
def initialize_options(self):
self.shlib_compiler = None
self.shlibs = []
self.ext_map = {}
def finalize_options(self):
self.extensions = self.extensions or []
self.shlibs = [ext for ext in self.extensions
if isinstance(ext,Library)]
if self.shlibs:
for ext in self.extensions:
ext._full_name = self.get_ext_fullname(
for ext in self.extensions:
fullname = ext._full_name
self.ext_map[fullname] = ext
ltd = ext._links_to_dynamic = \
self.shlibs and self.links_to_dynamic(ext) or False
ext._needs_stub = ltd and use_stubs and not isinstance(ext,Library)
filename = ext._file_name = self.get_ext_filename(fullname)
libdir = os.path.dirname(os.path.join(self.build_lib,filename))
if ltd and libdir not in ext.library_dirs:
if ltd and use_stubs and os.curdir not in ext.runtime_library_dirs:
def setup_shlib_compiler(self):
compiler = self.shlib_compiler = new_compiler(
compiler=self.compiler, dry_run=self.dry_run, force=self.force
if sys.platform == "darwin":
tmp = _config_vars.copy()
# XXX Help! I don't have any idea whether these are right...
_config_vars['LDSHARED'] = "gcc -Wl,-x -dynamiclib -undefined dynamic_lookup"
_config_vars['CCSHARED'] = " -dynamiclib"
_config_vars['SO'] = ".dylib"
if self.include_dirs is not None:
if self.define is not None:
# 'define' option is a list of (name,value) tuples
for (name,value) in self.define:
compiler.define_macro(name, value)
if self.undef is not None:
for macro in self.undef:
if self.libraries is not None:
if self.library_dirs is not None:
if self.rpath is not None:
if self.link_objects is not None:
# hack so distutils' build_extension() builds a library instead
compiler.link_shared_object = link_shared_object.__get__(compiler)
def get_export_symbols(self, ext):
if isinstance(ext,Library):
return ext.export_symbols
return _build_ext.get_export_symbols(self,ext)
def build_extension(self, ext):
_compiler = self.compiler
if isinstance(ext,Library):
self.compiler = self.shlib_compiler
if ext._needs_stub:
self.get_finalized_command('build_py').build_lib, ext
self.compiler = _compiler
def links_to_dynamic(self, ext):
"""Return true if 'ext' links to a dynamic lib in the same package"""
# XXX this should check to ensure the lib is actually being built
# XXX as dynamic, and not just using a locally-found version or a
# XXX static-compiled version
libnames = dict.fromkeys([lib._full_name for lib in self.shlibs])
pkg = '.'.join(ext._full_name.split('.')[:-1]+[''])
for libname in ext.libraries:
if pkg+libname in libnames: return True
return False
def get_outputs(self):
outputs = _build_ext.get_outputs(self)
optimize = self.get_finalized_command('build_py').optimize
for ext in self.extensions:
if ext._needs_stub:
base = os.path.join(self.build_lib, *ext._full_name.split('.'))
if optimize:
return outputs
def write_stub(self, output_dir, ext, compile=False):"writing stub loader for %s to %s",ext._full_name, output_dir)
stub_file = os.path.join(output_dir, *ext._full_name.split('.'))+'.py'
if compile and os.path.exists(stub_file):
raise DistutilsError(stub_file+" already exists! Please delete.")
if not self.dry_run:
f = open(stub_file,'w')
"def __bootstrap__():",
" global __bootstrap__, __file__, __loader__",
" import sys, os, pkg_resources, imp"+if_dl(", dl"),
" __file__ = pkg_resources.resource_filename(__name__,%r)"
% os.path.basename(ext._file_name),
" del __bootstrap__",
" if '__loader__' in globals():",
" del __loader__",
if_dl(" old_flags = sys.getdlopenflags()"),
" old_dir = os.getcwd()",
" try:",
" os.chdir(os.path.dirname(__file__))",
if_dl(" sys.setdlopenflags(dl.RTLD_NOW)"),
" imp.load_dynamic(__name__,__file__)",
" finally:",
if_dl(" sys.setdlopenflags(old_flags)"),
" os.chdir(old_dir)",
"" # terminal \n
if compile:
from distutils.util import byte_compile
byte_compile([stub_file], optimize=0,
force=True, dry_run=self.dry_run)
optimize = self.get_finalized_command('install_lib').optimize
if optimize > 0:
byte_compile([stub_file], optimize=optimize,
force=True, dry_run=self.dry_run)
if os.path.exists(stub_file) and not self.dry_run:
if use_stubs or'nt':
# Build shared libraries
def link_shared_object(self, objects, output_libname, output_dir=None,
libraries=None, library_dirs=None, runtime_library_dirs=None,
export_symbols=None, debug=0, extra_preargs=None,
extra_postargs=None, build_temp=None, target_lang=None
self.SHARED_LIBRARY, objects, output_libname,
output_dir, libraries, library_dirs, runtime_library_dirs,
export_symbols, debug, extra_preargs, extra_postargs,
build_temp, target_lang
# Build static libraries everywhere else
libtype = 'static'
def link_shared_object(self, objects, output_libname, output_dir=None,
libraries=None, library_dirs=None, runtime_library_dirs=None,
export_symbols=None, debug=0, extra_preargs=None,
extra_postargs=None, build_temp=None, target_lang=None
# XXX we need to either disallow these attrs on Library instances,
# or warn/abort here if set, or something...
#libraries=None, library_dirs=None, runtime_library_dirs=None,
#export_symbols=None, extra_preargs=None, extra_postargs=None,
assert output_dir is None # distutils build_ext doesn't pass this
output_dir,filename = os.path.split(output_libname)
basename, ext = os.path.splitext(filename)
if self.library_filename("x").startswith('lib'):
# strip 'lib' prefix; this is kludgy if some platform uses
# a different prefix
basename = basename[3:]
objects, basename, output_dir, debug, target_lang