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*** This header was automatically generated from a Linux kernel header
*** of the same name, to make information necessary for userspace to
*** call into the kernel available to libc. It contains only constants,
*** structures, and macros generated from the original header, and thus,
*** contains no copyrightable information.
#include <linux/mmc/mmc.h>
struct mmc_cid {
unsigned int manfid;
char prod_name[8];
unsigned int serial;
unsigned short oemid;
unsigned short year;
unsigned char hwrev;
unsigned char fwrev;
unsigned char month;
struct mmc_csd {
unsigned char mmca_vsn;
unsigned short cmdclass;
unsigned short tacc_clks;
unsigned int tacc_ns;
unsigned int r2w_factor;
unsigned int max_dtr;
unsigned int read_blkbits;
unsigned int write_blkbits;
unsigned int capacity;
unsigned int read_partial:1,
struct sd_scr {
unsigned char sda_vsn;
unsigned char bus_widths;
#define SD_SCR_BUS_WIDTH_1 (1<<0)
#define SD_SCR_BUS_WIDTH_4 (1<<2)
struct mmc_host;
struct mmc_card {
struct list_head node;
struct mmc_host *host;
struct device dev;
unsigned int rca;
unsigned int state;
#define MMC_STATE_PRESENT (1<<0)
#define MMC_STATE_DEAD (1<<1)
#define MMC_STATE_BAD (1<<2)
#define MMC_STATE_SDCARD (1<<3)
#define MMC_STATE_READONLY (1<<4)
u32 raw_cid[4];
u32 raw_csd[4];
u32 raw_scr[2];
struct mmc_cid cid;
struct mmc_csd csd;
struct sd_scr scr;
#define mmc_card_present(c) ((c)->state & MMC_STATE_PRESENT)
#define mmc_card_dead(c) ((c)->state & MMC_STATE_DEAD)
#define mmc_card_bad(c) ((c)->state & MMC_STATE_BAD)
#define mmc_card_sd(c) ((c)->state & MMC_STATE_SDCARD)
#define mmc_card_readonly(c) ((c)->state & MMC_STATE_READONLY)
#define mmc_card_set_present(c) ((c)->state |= MMC_STATE_PRESENT)
#define mmc_card_set_dead(c) ((c)->state |= MMC_STATE_DEAD)
#define mmc_card_set_bad(c) ((c)->state |= MMC_STATE_BAD)
#define mmc_card_set_sd(c) ((c)->state |= MMC_STATE_SDCARD)
#define mmc_card_set_readonly(c) ((c)->state |= MMC_STATE_READONLY)
#define mmc_card_name(c) ((c)->cid.prod_name)
#define mmc_card_id(c) ((c)->dev.bus_id)
#define mmc_list_to_card(l) container_of(l, struct mmc_card, node)
#define mmc_get_drvdata(c) dev_get_drvdata(&(c)->dev)
#define mmc_set_drvdata(c,d) dev_set_drvdata(&(c)->dev, d)
struct mmc_driver {
struct device_driver drv;
int (*probe)(struct mmc_card *);
void (*remove)(struct mmc_card *);
int (*suspend)(struct mmc_card *, pm_message_t);
int (*resume)(struct mmc_card *);
#define mmc_card_release_host(c) mmc_release_host((c)->host)