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* \file include/hwdep.h
* \brief Application interface library for the ALSA driver
* \author Jaroslav Kysela <>
* \author Abramo Bagnara <>
* \author Takashi Iwai <>
* \date 1998-2001
* Application interface library for the ALSA driver
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of
* the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
#ifndef __ALSA_HWDEP_H
#define __ALSA_HWDEP_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* \defgroup HwDep Hardware Dependant Interface
* The Hardware Dependant Interface.
* \{
/** dlsym version for interface entry callback */
#define SND_HWDEP_DLSYM_VERSION _dlsym_hwdep_001
/** HwDep information container */
typedef struct _snd_hwdep_info snd_hwdep_info_t;
/** HwDep DSP status container */
typedef struct _snd_hwdep_dsp_status snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t;
/** HwDep DSP image container */
typedef struct _snd_hwdep_dsp_image snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t;
/** HwDep interface */
typedef enum _snd_hwdep_iface {
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_OPL2 = 0, /**< OPL2 raw driver */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_OPL3, /**< OPL3 raw driver */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_OPL4, /**< OPL4 raw driver */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_SB16CSP, /**< SB16CSP driver */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_EMU10K1, /**< EMU10K1 driver */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_YSS225, /**< YSS225 driver */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_ICS2115, /**< ICS2115 driver */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_SSCAPE, /**< Ensoniq SoundScape ISA card (MC68EC000) */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_VX, /**< Digigram VX cards */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_MIXART, /**< Digigram miXart cards */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_USX2Y, /**< Tascam US122, US224 & US428 usb */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_BLUETOOTH, /**< Bluetooth audio */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_USX2Y_PCM, /**< Tascam US122, US224 & US428 raw USB PCM */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_SB_RC, /**< SB Extigy/Audigy2NX remote control */
SND_HWDEP_IFACE_LAST = SND_HWDEP_IFACE_SB_RC /**< last known hwdep interface */
} snd_hwdep_iface_t;
/** open for reading */
/** open for writing */
/** open for reading and writing */
/** open mode flag: open in nonblock mode */
/** HwDep handle type */
typedef enum _snd_hwdep_type {
/** Kernel level HwDep */
/** Shared memory client HwDep (not yet implemented) */
/** INET client HwDep (not yet implemented) */
} snd_hwdep_type_t;
/** HwDep handle */
typedef struct _snd_hwdep snd_hwdep_t;
int snd_hwdep_open(snd_hwdep_t **hwdep, const char *name, int mode);
int snd_hwdep_close(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep);
int snd_hwdep_poll_descriptors(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int space);
int snd_hwdep_poll_descriptors_revents(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int nfds, unsigned short *revents);
int snd_hwdep_nonblock(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, int nonblock);
int snd_hwdep_info(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, snd_hwdep_info_t * info);
int snd_hwdep_dsp_status(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *status);
int snd_hwdep_dsp_load(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *block);
int snd_hwdep_ioctl(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, unsigned int request, void * arg);
ssize_t snd_hwdep_write(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, const void *buffer, size_t size);
ssize_t snd_hwdep_read(snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, void *buffer, size_t size);
size_t snd_hwdep_info_sizeof(void);
/** allocate #snd_hwdep_info_t container on stack */
#define snd_hwdep_info_alloca(ptr) __snd_alloca(ptr, snd_hwdep_info)
int snd_hwdep_info_malloc(snd_hwdep_info_t **ptr);
void snd_hwdep_info_free(snd_hwdep_info_t *obj);
void snd_hwdep_info_copy(snd_hwdep_info_t *dst, const snd_hwdep_info_t *src);
unsigned int snd_hwdep_info_get_device(const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj);
int snd_hwdep_info_get_card(const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj);
const char *snd_hwdep_info_get_id(const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj);
const char *snd_hwdep_info_get_name(const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj);
snd_hwdep_iface_t snd_hwdep_info_get_iface(const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj);
void snd_hwdep_info_set_device(snd_hwdep_info_t *obj, unsigned int val);
size_t snd_hwdep_dsp_status_sizeof(void);
/** allocate #snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t container on stack */
#define snd_hwdep_dsp_status_alloca(ptr) __snd_alloca(ptr, snd_hwdep_dsp_status)
int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_malloc(snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t **ptr);
void snd_hwdep_dsp_status_free(snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj);
void snd_hwdep_dsp_status_copy(snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *dst, const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *src);
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_version(const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj);
const char *snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_id(const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj);
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_num_dsps(const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj);
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_dsp_loaded(const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj);
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_chip_ready(const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj);
size_t snd_hwdep_dsp_image_sizeof(void);
/** allocate #snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t container on stack */
#define snd_hwdep_dsp_image_alloca(ptr) __snd_alloca(ptr, snd_hwdep_dsp_image)
int snd_hwdep_dsp_image_malloc(snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t **ptr);
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_free(snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj);
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_copy(snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *dst, const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *src);
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_image_get_index(const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj);
const char *snd_hwdep_dsp_image_get_name(const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj);
const void *snd_hwdep_dsp_image_get_image(const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj);
size_t snd_hwdep_dsp_image_get_length(const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj);
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_set_index(snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj, unsigned int _index);
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_set_name(snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj, const char *name);
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_set_image(snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj, void *buffer);
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_set_length(snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj, size_t length);
/** \} */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __ALSA_HWDEP_H */