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//===-- SBTypeFormat.h --------------------------------------------*- C++
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#ifndef LLDB_SBTypeFormat_h_
#define LLDB_SBTypeFormat_h_
#include "lldb/API/SBDefines.h"
namespace lldb {
class LLDB_API SBTypeFormat {
SBTypeFormat(lldb::Format format,
uint32_t options = 0); // see lldb::eTypeOption values
SBTypeFormat(const char *type,
uint32_t options = 0); // see lldb::eTypeOption values
SBTypeFormat(const lldb::SBTypeFormat &rhs);
explicit operator bool() const;
bool IsValid() const;
lldb::Format GetFormat();
const char *GetTypeName();
uint32_t GetOptions();
void SetFormat(lldb::Format);
void SetTypeName(const char *);
void SetOptions(uint32_t);
bool GetDescription(lldb::SBStream &description,
lldb::DescriptionLevel description_level);
lldb::SBTypeFormat &operator=(const lldb::SBTypeFormat &rhs);
bool IsEqualTo(lldb::SBTypeFormat &rhs);
bool operator==(lldb::SBTypeFormat &rhs);
bool operator!=(lldb::SBTypeFormat &rhs);
friend class SBDebugger;
friend class SBTypeCategory;
friend class SBValue;
lldb::TypeFormatImplSP GetSP();
void SetSP(const lldb::TypeFormatImplSP &typeformat_impl_sp);
lldb::TypeFormatImplSP m_opaque_sp;
SBTypeFormat(const lldb::TypeFormatImplSP &);
enum class Type { eTypeKeepSame, eTypeFormat, eTypeEnum };
bool CopyOnWrite_Impl(Type);
} // namespace lldb
#endif // LLDB_SBTypeFormat_h_