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//===- FuzzerIO.h - Internal header for IO utils ----------------*- C++ -* ===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// IO interface.
#include "FuzzerDefs.h"
namespace fuzzer {
long GetEpoch(const std::string &Path);
Unit FileToVector(const std::string &Path, size_t MaxSize = 0,
bool ExitOnError = true);
std::string FileToString(const std::string &Path);
void CopyFileToErr(const std::string &Path);
void WriteToFile(const Unit &U, const std::string &Path);
void ReadDirToVectorOfUnits(const char *Path, Vector<Unit> *V,
long *Epoch, size_t MaxSize, bool ExitOnError);
// Returns "Dir/FileName" or equivalent for the current OS.
std::string DirPlusFile(const std::string &DirPath,
const std::string &FileName);
// Returns the name of the dir, similar to the 'dirname' utility.
std::string DirName(const std::string &FileName);
// Returns path to a TmpDir.
std::string TmpDir();
bool IsInterestingCoverageFile(const std::string &FileName);
void DupAndCloseStderr();
void CloseStdout();
void Printf(const char *Fmt, ...);
// Print using raw syscalls, useful when printing at early init stages.
void RawPrint(const char *Str);
// Platform specific functions:
bool IsFile(const std::string &Path);
size_t FileSize(const std::string &Path);
void ListFilesInDirRecursive(const std::string &Dir, long *Epoch,
Vector<std::string> *V, bool TopDir);
struct SizedFile {
std::string File;
size_t Size;
bool operator<(const SizedFile &B) const { return Size < B.Size; }
void GetSizedFilesFromDir(const std::string &Dir, Vector<SizedFile> *V);
char GetSeparator();
// Similar to the basename utility: returns the file name w/o the dir prefix.
std::string Basename(const std::string &Path);
FILE* OpenFile(int Fd, const char *Mode);
int CloseFile(int Fd);
int DuplicateFile(int Fd);
void RemoveFile(const std::string &Path);
void DiscardOutput(int Fd);
intptr_t GetHandleFromFd(int fd);
} // namespace fuzzer
#endif // LLVM_FUZZER_IO_H