Fix errors found by prebuilt ELF checker

This commit fixes the errors prebuilt ELF checker:

* If the prebuilt does not rely on `libc++`, add the missing
  `shared_libs` property.

* If the prebuilt relies on `libc++`, add `check_elf_files: false` to
  avoid circular dependencies in sanitized targets.

Bug: 121358700
Bug: 119086738
Test: CHECK_ELF_FILES=true make check-elf-files
Test: lunch aosp_walleye-userdebug && make && make SANITIZE_TARGET=address &&
      fastboot flash ... && boot to home screen

Change-Id: I9f92021877235d4878abcede9ddd067b9dedf540
1 file changed
tree: 8728e4bfb35fd3fc8057a4ecae63b2cc098bbb84
  1. Android.bp
  7. clang-3289846/
  8. clang-r328903/
  9. clang-r339409b/
  10. clang-r344140b/
  11. clang-r346389b/
  12. clang-r346389c/
  13. clang-r349610/
  14. clang-stable/
  15. profiles/
  16. soong/

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