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//===--- Types.def - Driver Type info ---------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines the driver type information. Users of this file
// must define the TYPE macro to make use of this information.
#ifndef TYPE
#error "Define TYPE prior to including this file!"
// The first value is the type name as a string; for types which can
// be user specified this should be the equivalent -x option.
// The second value is the type id, which will result in a
// clang::driver::types::TY_XX enum constant.
// The third value is that id of the type for preprocessed inputs of
// this type, or INVALID if this type is not preprocessed.
// The fourth value is the suffix to use when creating temporary files
// of this type, or null if unspecified.
// The fifth value is a string containing option flags. Valid values:
// a - The type should only be assembled.
// p - The type should only be precompiled.
// u - The type can be user specified (with -x).
// m - Precompiling this type produces a module file.
// A - The type's temporary suffix should be appended when generating
// outputs of this type.
// C family source language (with and without preprocessing).
TYPE("cpp-output", PP_C, INVALID, "i", "u")
TYPE("c", C, PP_C, "c", "u")
TYPE("cl", CL, PP_C, "cl", "u")
TYPE("cuda-cpp-output", PP_CUDA, INVALID, "cui", "u")
TYPE("cuda", CUDA, PP_CUDA, "cu", "u")
TYPE("cuda", CUDA_DEVICE, PP_CUDA, "cu", "")
TYPE("hip-cpp-output", PP_HIP, INVALID, "cui", "u")
TYPE("hip", HIP, PP_HIP, "cu", "u")
TYPE("hip", HIP_DEVICE, PP_HIP, "cu", "")
TYPE("objective-c-cpp-output", PP_ObjC, INVALID, "mi", "u")
TYPE("objc-cpp-output", PP_ObjC_Alias, INVALID, "mi", "u")
TYPE("objective-c", ObjC, PP_ObjC, "m", "u")
TYPE("c++-cpp-output", PP_CXX, INVALID, "ii", "u")
TYPE("c++", CXX, PP_CXX, "cpp", "u")
TYPE("objective-c++-cpp-output", PP_ObjCXX, INVALID, "mii", "u")
TYPE("objc++-cpp-output", PP_ObjCXX_Alias, INVALID, "mii", "u")
TYPE("objective-c++", ObjCXX, PP_ObjCXX, "mm", "u")
TYPE("renderscript", RenderScript, PP_C, "rs", "u")
// C family input files to precompile.
TYPE("c-header-cpp-output", PP_CHeader, INVALID, "i", "p")
TYPE("c-header", CHeader, PP_CHeader, "h", "pu")
TYPE("cl-header", CLHeader, PP_CHeader, "h", "pu")
TYPE("objective-c-header-cpp-output", PP_ObjCHeader, INVALID, "mi", "p")
TYPE("objective-c-header", ObjCHeader, PP_ObjCHeader, "h", "pu")
TYPE("c++-header-cpp-output", PP_CXXHeader, INVALID, "ii", "p")
TYPE("c++-header", CXXHeader, PP_CXXHeader, "hh", "pu")
TYPE("objective-c++-header-cpp-output", PP_ObjCXXHeader, INVALID, "mii", "p")
TYPE("objective-c++-header", ObjCXXHeader, PP_ObjCXXHeader, "h", "pu")
TYPE("c++-module", CXXModule, PP_CXXModule, "cppm", "mu")
TYPE("c++-module-cpp-output", PP_CXXModule, INVALID, "iim", "m")
// Other languages.
TYPE("ada", Ada, INVALID, nullptr, "u")
TYPE("assembler", PP_Asm, INVALID, "s", "au")
TYPE("assembler-with-cpp", Asm, PP_Asm, "S", "au")
TYPE("f95", PP_Fortran, INVALID, nullptr, "u")
TYPE("f95-cpp-input", Fortran, PP_Fortran, nullptr, "u")
TYPE("java", Java, INVALID, nullptr, "u")
// LLVM IR/LTO types. We define separate types for IR and LTO because LTO
// outputs should use the standard suffixes.
TYPE("ir", LLVM_IR, INVALID, "ll", "u")
TYPE("ir", LLVM_BC, INVALID, "bc", "u")
TYPE("lto-ir", LTO_IR, INVALID, "s", "")
TYPE("lto-bc", LTO_BC, INVALID, "o", "")
// Misc.
TYPE("ast", AST, INVALID, "ast", "u")
TYPE("pcm", ModuleFile, INVALID, "pcm", "u")
TYPE("plist", Plist, INVALID, "plist", "")
TYPE("rewritten-objc", RewrittenObjC,INVALID, "cpp", "")
TYPE("rewritten-legacy-objc", RewrittenLegacyObjC,INVALID, "cpp", "")
TYPE("remap", Remap, INVALID, "remap", "")
TYPE("precompiled-header", PCH, INVALID, "gch", "A")
TYPE("object", Object, INVALID, "o", "")
TYPE("treelang", Treelang, INVALID, nullptr, "u")
TYPE("image", Image, INVALID, "out", "")
TYPE("dependencies", Dependencies, INVALID, "d", "")
TYPE("cuda-fatbin", CUDA_FATBIN, INVALID, "fatbin","A")
TYPE("hip-fatbin", HIP_FATBIN, INVALID, "hipfb", "A")
TYPE("none", Nothing, INVALID, nullptr, "u")