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//===- ASTRecordWriter.h - Helper classes for writing AST -------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file defines the ASTRecordWriter class, a helper class useful
// when serializing AST.
#include "clang/AST/AbstractBasicWriter.h"
#include "clang/AST/OpenMPClause.h"
#include "clang/Serialization/ASTWriter.h"
namespace clang {
class TypeLoc;
/// An object for streaming information to a record.
class ASTRecordWriter
: public serialization::DataStreamBasicWriter<ASTRecordWriter> {
ASTWriter *Writer;
ASTWriter::RecordDataImpl *Record;
/// Statements that we've encountered while serializing a
/// declaration or type.
SmallVector<Stmt *, 16> StmtsToEmit;
/// Indices of record elements that describe offsets within the
/// bitcode. These will be converted to offsets relative to the current
/// record when emitted.
SmallVector<unsigned, 8> OffsetIndices;
/// Flush all of the statements and expressions that have
/// been added to the queue via AddStmt().
void FlushStmts();
void FlushSubStmts();
void PrepareToEmit(uint64_t MyOffset) {
// Convert offsets into relative form.
for (unsigned I : OffsetIndices) {
auto &StoredOffset = (*Record)[I];
assert(StoredOffset < MyOffset && "invalid offset");
if (StoredOffset)
StoredOffset = MyOffset - StoredOffset;
/// Construct a ASTRecordWriter that uses the default encoding scheme.
ASTRecordWriter(ASTWriter &W, ASTWriter::RecordDataImpl &Record)
: DataStreamBasicWriter(W.getASTContext()), Writer(&W), Record(&Record) {}
/// Construct a ASTRecordWriter that uses the same encoding scheme as another
/// ASTRecordWriter.
ASTRecordWriter(ASTRecordWriter &Parent, ASTWriter::RecordDataImpl &Record)
: DataStreamBasicWriter(Parent.getASTContext()), Writer(Parent.Writer),
Record(&Record) {}
/// Copying an ASTRecordWriter is almost certainly a bug.
ASTRecordWriter(const ASTRecordWriter &) = delete;
ASTRecordWriter &operator=(const ASTRecordWriter &) = delete;
/// Extract the underlying record storage.
ASTWriter::RecordDataImpl &getRecordData() const { return *Record; }
/// Minimal vector-like interface.
/// @{
void push_back(uint64_t N) { Record->push_back(N); }
template<typename InputIterator>
void append(InputIterator begin, InputIterator end) {
Record->append(begin, end);
bool empty() const { return Record->empty(); }
size_t size() const { return Record->size(); }
uint64_t &operator[](size_t N) { return (*Record)[N]; }
/// @}
/// Emit the record to the stream, followed by its substatements, and
/// return its offset.
// FIXME: Allow record producers to suggest Abbrevs.
uint64_t Emit(unsigned Code, unsigned Abbrev = 0) {
uint64_t Offset = Writer->Stream.GetCurrentBitNo();
Writer->Stream.EmitRecord(Code, *Record, Abbrev);
return Offset;
/// Emit the record to the stream, preceded by its substatements.
uint64_t EmitStmt(unsigned Code, unsigned Abbrev = 0) {
Writer->Stream.EmitRecord(Code, *Record, Abbrev);
return Writer->Stream.GetCurrentBitNo();
/// Add a bit offset into the record. This will be converted into an
/// offset relative to the current record when emitted.
void AddOffset(uint64_t BitOffset) {
/// Add the given statement or expression to the queue of
/// statements to emit.
/// This routine should be used when emitting types and declarations
/// that have expressions as part of their formulation. Once the
/// type or declaration has been written, Emit() will write
/// the corresponding statements just after the record.
void AddStmt(Stmt *S) {
void writeStmtRef(const Stmt *S) {
/// Add a definition for the given function to the queue of statements
/// to emit.
void AddFunctionDefinition(const FunctionDecl *FD);
/// Emit a source location.
void AddSourceLocation(SourceLocation Loc) {
return Writer->AddSourceLocation(Loc, *Record);
void writeSourceLocation(SourceLocation Loc) {
/// Emit a source range.
void AddSourceRange(SourceRange Range) {
return Writer->AddSourceRange(Range, *Record);
void writeBool(bool Value) {
void writeUInt32(uint32_t Value) {
void writeUInt64(uint64_t Value) {
/// Emit an integral value.
void AddAPInt(const llvm::APInt &Value) {
/// Emit a signed integral value.
void AddAPSInt(const llvm::APSInt &Value) {
/// Emit a floating-point value.
void AddAPFloat(const llvm::APFloat &Value);
/// Emit an APvalue.
void AddAPValue(const APValue &Value) { writeAPValue(Value); }
/// Emit a reference to an identifier.
void AddIdentifierRef(const IdentifierInfo *II) {
return Writer->AddIdentifierRef(II, *Record);
void writeIdentifier(const IdentifierInfo *II) {
/// Emit a Selector (which is a smart pointer reference).
void AddSelectorRef(Selector S);
void writeSelector(Selector sel) {
/// Emit a CXXTemporary.
void AddCXXTemporary(const CXXTemporary *Temp);
/// Emit a C++ base specifier.
void AddCXXBaseSpecifier(const CXXBaseSpecifier &Base);
/// Emit a set of C++ base specifiers.
void AddCXXBaseSpecifiers(ArrayRef<CXXBaseSpecifier> Bases);
/// Emit a reference to a type.
void AddTypeRef(QualType T) {
return Writer->AddTypeRef(T, *Record);
void writeQualType(QualType T) {
/// Emits a reference to a declarator info.
void AddTypeSourceInfo(TypeSourceInfo *TInfo);
/// Emits source location information for a type. Does not emit the type.
void AddTypeLoc(TypeLoc TL);
/// Emits a template argument location info.
void AddTemplateArgumentLocInfo(TemplateArgument::ArgKind Kind,
const TemplateArgumentLocInfo &Arg);
/// Emits a template argument location.
void AddTemplateArgumentLoc(const TemplateArgumentLoc &Arg);
/// Emits an AST template argument list info.
void AddASTTemplateArgumentListInfo(
const ASTTemplateArgumentListInfo *ASTTemplArgList);
/// Emit a reference to a declaration.
void AddDeclRef(const Decl *D) {
return Writer->AddDeclRef(D, *Record);
void writeDeclRef(const Decl *D) {
/// Emit a declaration name.
void AddDeclarationName(DeclarationName Name) {
void AddDeclarationNameLoc(const DeclarationNameLoc &DNLoc,
DeclarationName Name);
void AddDeclarationNameInfo(const DeclarationNameInfo &NameInfo);
void AddQualifierInfo(const QualifierInfo &Info);
/// Emit a nested name specifier.
void AddNestedNameSpecifier(NestedNameSpecifier *NNS) {
/// Emit a nested name specifier with source-location information.
void AddNestedNameSpecifierLoc(NestedNameSpecifierLoc NNS);
/// Emit a template name.
void AddTemplateName(TemplateName Name) {
/// Emit a template argument.
void AddTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &Arg) {
/// Emit a template parameter list.
void AddTemplateParameterList(const TemplateParameterList *TemplateParams);
/// Emit a template argument list.
void AddTemplateArgumentList(const TemplateArgumentList *TemplateArgs);
/// Emit a UnresolvedSet structure.
void AddUnresolvedSet(const ASTUnresolvedSet &Set);
/// Emit a CXXCtorInitializer array.
void AddCXXCtorInitializers(ArrayRef<CXXCtorInitializer *> CtorInits);
void AddCXXDefinitionData(const CXXRecordDecl *D);
/// Emit information about the initializer of a VarDecl.
void AddVarDeclInit(const VarDecl *VD);
/// Write an OMPTraitInfo object.
void writeOMPTraitInfo(const OMPTraitInfo *TI);
void writeOMPClause(OMPClause *C);
/// Writes data related to the OpenMP directives.
void writeOMPChildren(OMPChildren *Data);
/// Emit a string.
void AddString(StringRef Str) {
return Writer->AddString(Str, *Record);
/// Emit a path.
void AddPath(StringRef Path) {
return Writer->AddPath(Path, *Record);
/// Emit a version tuple.
void AddVersionTuple(const VersionTuple &Version) {
return Writer->AddVersionTuple(Version, *Record);
// Emit an attribute.
void AddAttr(const Attr *A);
/// Emit a list of attributes.
void AddAttributes(ArrayRef<const Attr*> Attrs);
} // end namespace clang