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//===-- SSAUpdater.h - Unstructured SSA Update Tool -------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file declares the SSAUpdater class.
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Compiler.h"
namespace llvm {
class BasicBlock;
class Instruction;
class LoadInst;
template<typename T> class SmallVectorImpl;
template<typename T> class SSAUpdaterTraits;
class PHINode;
class Type;
class Use;
class Value;
/// \brief Helper class for SSA formation on a set of values defined in
/// multiple blocks.
/// This is used when code duplication or another unstructured
/// transformation wants to rewrite a set of uses of one value with uses of a
/// set of values.
class SSAUpdater {
friend class SSAUpdaterTraits<SSAUpdater>;
/// This keeps track of which value to use on a per-block basis. When we
/// insert PHI nodes, we keep track of them here.
//typedef DenseMap<BasicBlock*, Value*> AvailableValsTy;
void *AV;
/// ProtoType holds the type of the values being rewritten.
Type *ProtoType;
/// PHI nodes are given a name based on ProtoName.
std::string ProtoName;
/// If this is non-null, the SSAUpdater adds all PHI nodes that it creates to
/// the vector.
SmallVectorImpl<PHINode*> *InsertedPHIs;
/// If InsertedPHIs is specified, it will be filled
/// in with all PHI Nodes created by rewriting.
explicit SSAUpdater(SmallVectorImpl<PHINode*> *InsertedPHIs = nullptr);
/// \brief Reset this object to get ready for a new set of SSA updates with
/// type 'Ty'.
/// PHI nodes get a name based on 'Name'.
void Initialize(Type *Ty, StringRef Name);
/// \brief Indicate that a rewritten value is available in the specified block
/// with the specified value.
void AddAvailableValue(BasicBlock *BB, Value *V);
/// \brief Return true if the SSAUpdater already has a value for the specified
/// block.
bool HasValueForBlock(BasicBlock *BB) const;
/// \brief Construct SSA form, materializing a value that is live at the end
/// of the specified block.
Value *GetValueAtEndOfBlock(BasicBlock *BB);
/// \brief Construct SSA form, materializing a value that is live in the
/// middle of the specified block.
/// \c GetValueInMiddleOfBlock is the same as \c GetValueAtEndOfBlock except
/// in one important case: if there is a definition of the rewritten value
/// after the 'use' in BB. Consider code like this:
/// \code
/// X1 = ...
/// SomeBB:
/// use(X)
/// X2 = ...
/// br Cond, SomeBB, OutBB
/// \endcode
/// In this case, there are two values (X1 and X2) added to the AvailableVals
/// set by the client of the rewriter, and those values are both live out of
/// their respective blocks. However, the use of X happens in the *middle* of
/// a block. Because of this, we need to insert a new PHI node in SomeBB to
/// merge the appropriate values, and this value isn't live out of the block.
Value *GetValueInMiddleOfBlock(BasicBlock *BB);
/// \brief Rewrite a use of the symbolic value.
/// This handles PHI nodes, which use their value in the corresponding
/// predecessor. Note that this will not work if the use is supposed to be
/// rewritten to a value defined in the same block as the use, but above it.
/// Any 'AddAvailableValue's added for the use's block will be considered to
/// be below it.
void RewriteUse(Use &U);
/// \brief Rewrite a use like \c RewriteUse but handling in-block definitions.
/// This version of the method can rewrite uses in the same block as
/// a definition, because it assumes that all uses of a value are below any
/// inserted values.
void RewriteUseAfterInsertions(Use &U);
Value *GetValueAtEndOfBlockInternal(BasicBlock *BB);
void operator=(const SSAUpdater&) LLVM_DELETED_FUNCTION;
/// \brief Helper class for promoting a collection of loads and stores into SSA
/// Form using the SSAUpdater.
/// This handles complexities that SSAUpdater doesn't, such as multiple loads
/// and stores in one block.
/// Clients of this class are expected to subclass this and implement the
/// virtual methods.
class LoadAndStorePromoter {
SSAUpdater &SSA;
LoadAndStorePromoter(const SmallVectorImpl<Instruction*> &Insts,
SSAUpdater &S, StringRef Name = StringRef());
virtual ~LoadAndStorePromoter() {}
/// \brief This does the promotion.
/// Insts is a list of loads and stores to promote, and Name is the basename
/// for the PHIs to insert. After this is complete, the loads and stores are
/// removed from the code.
void run(const SmallVectorImpl<Instruction*> &Insts) const;
/// \brief Return true if the specified instruction is in the Inst list.
/// The Insts list is the one passed into the constructor. Clients should
/// implement this with a more efficient version if possible.
virtual bool isInstInList(Instruction *I,
const SmallVectorImpl<Instruction*> &Insts) const;
/// \brief This hook is invoked after all the stores are found and inserted as
/// available values.
virtual void doExtraRewritesBeforeFinalDeletion() const {
/// \brief Clients can choose to implement this to get notified right before
/// a load is RAUW'd another value.
virtual void replaceLoadWithValue(LoadInst *LI, Value *V) const {
/// \brief Called before each instruction is deleted.
virtual void instructionDeleted(Instruction *I) const {
/// \brief Called to update debug info associated with the instruction.
virtual void updateDebugInfo(Instruction *I) const {
} // End llvm namespace