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// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
// Source Licenses. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Minimal xlocale implementation for Solaris. This implements the subset of
// the xlocale APIs that libc++ depends on.
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef struct _LC_locale_t* locale_t;
#define LC_COLLATE_MASK (1<<0)
#define LC_CTYPE_MASK (1<<1)
#define LC_MESSAGES_MASK (1<<2)
#define LC_MONETARY_MASK (1<<3)
#define LC_NUMERIC_MASK (1<<4)
#define LC_TIME_MASK (1<<5)
#define LC_GLOBAL_LOCALE ((locale_t)-1)
size_t __mb_cur_max(locale_t l);
#define MB_CUR_MAX_L(l) __mb_cur_max(l)
locale_t newlocale(int mask, const char * locale, locale_t base);
void freelocale(locale_t loc);
wint_t btowc_l(int __c, locale_t __l);
int wctob_l(wint_t __c, locale_t __l);
size_t wcrtomb_l(char *__s, wchar_t __wc, mbstate_t *__ps, locale_t __l);
size_t mbrtowc_l(wchar_t *__pwc, const char *__s, size_t __n,
mbstate_t *__ps, locale_t __l);
int mbtowc_l(wchar_t *__pwc, const char *__pmb, size_t __max, locale_t __l);
size_t mbrlen_l(const char *__s, size_t __n, mbstate_t *__ps, locale_t __l);
struct lconv *localeconv_l(locale_t __l);
size_t mbsrtowcs_l(wchar_t *__dest, const char **__src, size_t __len,
mbstate_t *__ps, locale_t __l);
int sprintf_l(char *__s, locale_t __l, const char *__format, ...);
int snprintf_l(char *__s, size_t __n, locale_t __l, const char *__format, ...);
int asprintf_l(char **__s, locale_t __l, const char *__format, ...);
int sscanf_l(const char *__s, locale_t __l, const char *__format, ...);
int isalnum_l(int,locale_t);
int isalpha_l(int,locale_t);
int isblank_l(int,locale_t);
int iscntrl_l(int,locale_t);
int isdigit_l(int,locale_t);
int isgraph_l(int,locale_t);
int islower_l(int,locale_t);
int isprint_l(int,locale_t);
int ispunct_l(int,locale_t);
int isspace_l(int,locale_t);
int isupper_l(int,locale_t);
int isxdigit_l(int,locale_t);
int iswalnum_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswalpha_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswblank_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswcntrl_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswdigit_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswgraph_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswlower_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswprint_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswpunct_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswspace_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswupper_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswxdigit_l(wchar_t,locale_t);
int iswctype_l(wint_t, wctype_t, locale_t);
int toupper_l(int __c, locale_t __l);
int tolower_l(int __c, locale_t __l);
wint_t towupper_l(wint_t __c, locale_t __l);
wint_t towlower_l(wint_t __c, locale_t __l);
int strcoll_l(const char *__s1, const char *__s2, locale_t __l);
int wcscoll_l(const wchar_t *__s1, const wchar_t *__s2, locale_t __l);
size_t strftime_l(char *__s, size_t __size, const char *__fmt, const struct tm
*__tm, locale_t __l);
size_t strxfrm_l(char *__s1, const char *__s2, size_t __n, locale_t __l);
size_t wcsxfrm_l(wchar_t *__ws1, const wchar_t *__ws2, size_t __n,
locale_t __l);
mbsnrtowcs_l(wchar_t * __restrict dst, const char ** __restrict src,
size_t nms, size_t len, mbstate_t * __restrict ps, locale_t loc);
wcsnrtombs_l(char * __restrict dst, const wchar_t ** __restrict src,
size_t nwc, size_t len, mbstate_t * __restrict ps, locale_t loc);
locale_t __cloc(void);
// FIXME: These are quick-and-dirty hacks to make things pretend to work
static inline
long long strtoll_l(const char *__nptr, char **__endptr,
int __base, locale_t __loc) {
return strtoll(__nptr, __endptr, __base);
static inline
long strtol_l(const char *__nptr, char **__endptr,
int __base, locale_t __loc) {
return strtol(__nptr, __endptr, __base);
static inline
long double strtold_l(const char *__nptr, char **__endptr,
locale_t __loc) {
return strtold(__nptr, __endptr);
static inline
unsigned long long strtoull_l(const char *__nptr, char **__endptr,
int __base, locale_t __loc) {
return strtoull(__nptr, __endptr, __base);
static inline
unsigned long strtoul_l(const char *__nptr, char **__endptr,
int __base, locale_t __loc) {
return strtoul(__nptr, __endptr, __base);
#ifdef __cplusplus