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# This script is invoked by Android build system "WITH_SYNTAX_CHECK=1 make ..." and
# accepts command line in the following format:
# ccc-syntax ARCH LOCAL_CC ...
# It calls "clang -fsyntax-only ..." to utilize clang's better diagnostics
# before calling "LOCAL_CC ..." for code generation. ARCH is translated
# into "-target XXX" (see below) to get proper pre-defined preprocessor
# symbols/macros. Some clang-specific warnings are disabled to be compatible
# with Android toolchain mostly gcc.
# The compilation time is slightly longer, and the generated object file
# should be the same as w/o WITH_SYNTAX_CHECK
# Note that although Android build system doesn't call LOCAL_CC with any of
# the following flags, this script should check and skip "clang -fsyntax-only"
# if options contain any of the following: '-print-*', '-dump*', '@*', '-E',
# '-' or '-M', for use elsewhere.
shift ; shift
# Turn on syntax-only
# Turn off warning about unused options
CLANG_FLAGS="$CLANG_FLAGS -Qunused-arguments"
# Turn off unknown warning options
CLANG_FLAGS="$CLANG_FLAGS -Wno-unknown-warning-option"
# Define WITH_SYNTAX_CHECK for code wish to behave differently when check
# If LOCAL_CC is not clang and not compiling in c++ mode, turn on -std=gnu89 by default
# and let "$@" later override it, if any
test "$LOCAL_CC" != "${LOCAL_CC%-x c++}" -o "$LOCAL_CC" = "${LOCAL_CC%-xc++}" && cxx_mode=true
if [ "$LOCAL_CC" = "${LOCAL_CC%clang}" -a "$cxx_mode" != "true" ] ; then
# Turn off warnings which aren't useful in this context
CLANG_FLAGS="$CLANG_FLAGS -Wno-ignored-attributes -Wno-pedantic -Wno-builtin-requires-header -Wno-gnu -Wno-gnu-designator -Wno-knr-promoted-parameter"
if [ "$ARCH" != "host" ]; then
# Add target to get proper pre-defined preprocessor symbols/macros.
case $ARCH in
arm) CLANG_FLAGS="$CLANG_FLAGS -target armv5te-none-linux-androideabi"
mips) CLANG_FLAGS="$CLANG_FLAGS -target mipsel-none-linux-android"
x86) CLANG_FLAGS="$CLANG_FLAGS -target i686-none-linux-android"
if [ "$LOCAL_CC" != "${LOCAL_CC%clang*}" ]; then
# Don't look for its own lib/clang/3.3/include when LOCAL_CC is clang
# which is rebuilt from source w/o installing its include as well
# Note that unlike target flags where Android build system explicitly specify
# everything in command line, host tools have their own sysroot and --sysroot
# isn't explicitly added in the commmand line. Likelywise for other gcc implicit
# search directories.
# We can query search paths by doing "gcc -v" and parsing the output with
# sed -n '1,/BEGIN/!{ /END/,/BEING/!p; }' (*1), but forking gcc here adds overhead.
# Because host tool refresh only once 1-2 year, here we hard-code the path obtained by (*2).
# ToDo: The build system can do it once for each module, although it still needs to
# prepare both -m32 and -m64 versions, anding 2 more args in additional to $ARCH
# and $LOCAL_CC
# (*1) as described in
# (*2) prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/host/i686-apple-darwin-4.2.1/bin/i686-apple-darwin10-gcc -m64 -v -E - < /dev/null 2>&1 | \
# sed -n '1,/> search starts here/!{ /End of search list/,/> search starts here/!p; }' |\
# sed -e 's/^/-I/'
# Likewise for -m32
read -d '' CLANG_FLAGS_END <<"EOF"
-I prebuilts/gcc/darwin-x86/host/i686-apple-darwin-4.2.1/lib/gcc/i686-apple-darwin10/4.2.1/include
# Turn off warnings (at the end) on features we exploit
CLANG_FLAGS_END="$CLANG_FLAGS_END -Wno-return-type-c-linkage"
# Call it
`dirname $0`/clang $CLANG_FLAGS "$@" $CLANG_FLAGS_END
if [ "$?" != 0 ]; then
test $WITH_SYNTAX_CHECK -ge 2 && echo '*** ERROR ***': `dirname $0`/clang $CLANG_FLAGS "$@" $CLANG_FLAGS_END
exit 1
$LOCAL_CC "$@"