Update the Android prebuilt binaries.

This is a massive update of the emulator prebuilt binaries.
For all details, see README file, here's a summary:

QEMU1 Fixes:

- Fixed windows bug that prevented the emulator from closing properly.
- Support for 280 and 360 dpi
- Emulator now respects user-specified data partition size of API 19+
- Fix for transparent proxy that prevented loading chunked data > 64 KiB
- Usage metrics are now uploaded to Google servers without using DDMS and are
  more detailed. Include crash metrics. Still anonymized of course :)
- Added an update checker that automatically checkes whether a new emulator
  version is available.
- Improve emulator startup failure message for insufficient HAXM memory.
- Misc GPU emulation fixes.

QEMU2 Fixes:

- Support for x86 and x86_64 emulation (you will need a 'ranchu' kernel though,
  so consider this still experimental).
- GPU emulation now works! Use '-gpu on' or '-gpu mesa' to enable it for platform builds.
- Networking now works on Windows too.
- HAX support for Windows and OSX (i.e. very fast x86/x86_64 emulation)
- Fixed audio bug.
- Don't display kernel messages by default anymore (use -show-kernel to get them).

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