This directory contains tools and data related to ECC (Emergency Call Codes) data and updates.

Directory structure

  • A script to launch the newest conversion toolset to convert input/eccdata.txt into output/eccdata.


  • A text file in ProtoBuf text format which contains all known ECC data.


  • The binary file generated from input files.


  • Contains format definitions and converting tools.


  • A symbolic link references to protobuf folder of the newest version of conversion toolsets. It's used in

Updating ECC database

Steps to update the ECC database:

  1. Edit input/eccdata.txt
  2. Source and launch
  3. Run
  4. Make TeleService
  5. Push TeleService.apk to system/priv-app/TeleService
  6. Reboot device
  7. run ‘atest TeleServiceTests:EccDataTest#testEccDataContent’