Fix telecom UI elements

-fix main issue where we were forcing device default alert theme
in dark mode and at the same time, we were overriding colors
and styles for dark mode (in values-night)

-fix secondary issue where our theme colors were not matching with
dialer/messages highlight colors. This was again due to us overriding
themer colors manualy. This doesnt work anymore since the accent
theme colors change based on wallpaper. Removed all hardcoding
of color

-fix some styles which did not have forceDarkAllowed set

-fix sytles which were 'orphaned' and made them inherit from
activity theme defaults

Bug: 218877038
Tests: Manual UI test in normal and dark mode and changing wallpapers
Change-Id: I064e3daeb107c53ccf34de1270a2f42c7ea0deac
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(cherry picked from commit 6943f16d960768b4ab6f045c7d21939ccafe8079)
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