Make InCall wakelock non-reference counted

Certain orders of call state changes can lead to a non-symmetric
number of acquire and release calls. Make the wakelock non-reference
counted to ensure that wakelock is held deterministically based on
whether or not there is a ringing call present.

Bug: 24073449
Change-Id: Ie6807fa983016e3c70e2e047e2756000835ad5ec
(cherry picked from commit 42e0781fd5f8864e4e96c93952e66897d93095c4)
diff --git a/src/com/android/server/telecom/ b/src/com/android/server/telecom/
index b6d3820..a6c63c3 100644
--- a/src/com/android/server/telecom/
+++ b/src/com/android/server/telecom/
@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@
         PowerManager powerManager = (PowerManager) mContext.getSystemService(Context.POWER_SERVICE);
         mFullWakeLock = powerManager.newWakeLock(PowerManager.FULL_WAKE_LOCK, TAG);
+        mFullWakeLock.setReferenceCounted(false);