Increase check to switch USB device to AOAP timeout

The time betweeen the call to check if a device can be switched to AOAP
and the actual result is about ~7 seconds. It times out and hence the
rest of the USB flow fails.

Note the following logs:

2020-07-14 07:30:13.818 1623-2106/ D/AoapServiceManager: initiating canSwitchDeviceToAoap
2020-07-14 07:30:20.005 2625-2625/ D/AAP.AoapSupportCheckService: canSwitchToAoap received for 88JY0149Z result: 0

Bug: 148495409
Bug: 165548276
Test: Set wireless projection off, connect the MD over USB and manually reboot the HU. Ensure the Android Auto icon turns blue after the reboot.
Merged-In: Id2562651b6378f70c819005b2d9b288bc7ee79cb
Change-Id: Id2562651b6378f70c819005b2d9b288bc7ee79cb
(cherry picked from commit d5b2148b1f0f39ad57d165832cd5d94bd4669924)
diff --git a/car-usb-handler/src/android/car/usb/handler/ b/car-usb-handler/src/android/car/usb/handler/
index 04bef87..f0656aa 100644
--- a/car-usb-handler/src/android/car/usb/handler/
+++ b/car-usb-handler/src/android/car/usb/handler/
@@ -55,9 +55,7 @@
     private static final int MSG_DISCONNECT = 1;
     private static final int DISCONNECT_DELAY_MS = 30000;
-    private static final int INVOCATION_TIMEOUT_MS = 5000;
+    private static final int INVOCATION_TIMEOUT_MS = 20000;
     private final HashMap<ComponentName, AoapServiceConnection> mConnections = new HashMap<>();
     private Context mContext;