Remove rotary playground from default car builds

Rotary packages are directly included in emulator/seahawk builds in
their respective mk files. Given that RotaryService is not included in
the generic car mk file, there is no need to include the
RotaryPlayground here

Bug: 171174789
Test: manual and atest PreInstalledPackagesTest in cf_x86_auto
Change-Id: I2c8e4dc9c90c949c0530ff04422832fd9f6530c3
diff --git a/car_product/build/ b/car_product/build/
index de75761..67674ab 100644
--- a/car_product/build/
+++ b/car_product/build/
@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@
     DirectRenderingCluster \
     GarageModeTestApp \
     ExperimentalCarService \
-    RotaryPlayground \
     BugReportApp \
 # SEPolicy for test apps / services