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Source code for Android Automotive OS.


car_product/           - AAOS product
car-builtin-lib/       - A helper library for CarService to access hidden
                         framework APIs
car-lib/               - Car API
car-lib-module/        - Car API module
cpp/                   - Native services
experimental/          - Experimental Car API and services
packages/              - Apps and services for cars
service/               - Car service module
service-builint        - Platform builtin component that runs CarService module
tests/                 - Tests and sample apps
tools/                 - Helper scripts


Native (C++) code format is required to be compatible with .clang-format file. The formatter is already integrated to repo tool. To run manually, use:

git clang-format --style=file --extension='h,cpp,cc' HEAD~

Note that clang-format is not desirable for Android java files. Therefore the command line above is limited to specific extensions.