Support Playlist#Members uri in LegacMediaProvider

Previously, LegacyMediaProvider mapped all uris to "files" table. To
migrate playlist->audio map, we need to query "audio_playlists_map"
table. To be able to query "audio_playlists_table", LegacyMediaProvider
should map Playlist#Members uri to "audio_playlists_map" table.

This is a minimal change in LegacyMediaProvider to map Playlist#Members
uri to "audio_playlists_map" table. Any other uri still maps to "files"

Bug: 165904660
Test: LegacyProviderMigrationTest#testLegacy_PlaylistMap
Change-Id: Ib6210c214bab32dfca2a2254e7ca4cf9ff31a6db
(cherry picked from commit b9f6864f54dade89afc7afad3a78da567f1c4f14)
(cherry picked from commit 9a5c84884f6268ba463864924965419a1772fe12)
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