PhoneAccountHandle without IccId in T

Before Android 13, PhoneAccountHandle#getId() returns the ICCID
 for Telephony PhoneAccountHandle. Starting from Android 13,
 PhoneAccountHandle#getId() returns the on-device Subscription ID
 for Telephony PhoneAccountHandle. This need to migrate the
 PhoneAccountHandle ID stored in CalllogProvider and ContactsProvider.

When the database is created and upgraded, the device finds the
mapping between Sub IDs and IccID by looking at the subscription DB in
Telephony and migrate. Set pending status if migration is not available

The two databases will listen to broadcast
 "ACTION_PHONE_ACCOUNT_REGISTERED" to identify a new sim event and
 performing migration for pending status if possible. This need to
 be registered as a runtime register instead of a manifest broadcast
 to avoid process started when unnecessary.

In multi-user cases, database for each user would be different. A
database for each user need to migrate the database when the database
is created or initialized. The way to check if the database need to
 pending is using a sharedPreference.

The historical design is based on a logic that the framework unhides
 the restored PhoneAccountHandle in call log when the PhoneAccountHandle
 is registered by Telecom. The best time to do the migration based on
 the sim event is after PhoneAccountHandle is registered by Telecom
 and before Calllog provider unhides it.

Bug: 185235527
Test: atest CallLogMigrationTest;
      atest ContactsProvider2Test;
      atest ContactsDatabaseMigrationTest;
      atest CallLogProviderTest;
      atest ContactsDatabaseHelperUpgradeTest
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