Merge "pvmfw: Expect proper CPU compatible "arm,armv8"" into main
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  1. apex/
  2. apkdmverity/
  3. authfs/
  4. compos/
  5. demo/
  6. demo_native/
  7. docs/
  8. encryptedstore/
  9. flags/
  10. java/
  11. launcher/
  12. libs/
  13. microdroid/
  14. microdroid_manager/
  15. pvmfw/
  16. rialto/
  17. service_vm/
  18. tests/
  19. virtualizationmanager/
  20. virtualizationservice/
  21. vm/
  22. vm_payload/
  23. vmbase/
  24. vmclient/
  25. vmlauncher_app/
  26. zipfuse/
  27. .clang-format
  28. .gitignore
  29. Android.bp
  30. avf_flags.aconfig
  31. OWNERS
  32. PREUPLOAD.cfg
  34. rustfmt.toml

Android Virtualization Framework (AVF)

Android Virtualization Framework (AVF) provides secure and private execution environments for executing code. AVF is ideal for security-oriented use cases that require stronger isolation assurances over those offered by Android’s app sandbox.

Visit our public doc site to learn more about what AVF is, what it is for, and how it is structured. This repository contains source code for userspace components of AVF.

If you want a quick start, see the getting started guideline and follow the steps there.

For in-depth explanations about individual topics and components, visit the following links.

AVF components: