Add one-time flag to permission if group is currently one-time

There is currently an issue where apps can get permission-B granted
permanently if the user has granted permission-A in same the group as
one-time. The app can then further use that permanent grant on
permission-B to get the permission-A permanently granted without user

This change marks permission-B as one-time if permission-A in
the group is currently granted as one-time; this will cause the
permission to be revoked with the other permission.

An alternative would be to prompt the user for permission-B, but this
isn't consistent since 1. Permission prompts are presented as groups, so
it will look like repeated UI 2. Might be considered a behavior change.

Test: Manual
Bug: 237405974
Change-Id: I421d28a491ff5506d0bbd1118ea915e8a6753903
Merged-In: I421d28a491ff5506d0bbd1118ea915e8a6753903
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