Support beta 4 system images.

Beta 4 system images only understand the NETWORK_TEST_RESULT_*
constants and not the new NETWORK_VALIDATION_RESULT_* constants.
When talking to such a build, use the older constants.

Bug: 134923144
Test: atest NetorkStackTests
Test: beta 4 OS build validates
(patched from Icf28c5dcd622c89c411a87b63d2ce4aa7488d082 using:
git -C ~/other-branch-repo/frameworks/base/ show -p | patch -p3)

Merged-In: Ic97d42c89ac011fa668f0edb23fbb6a13a486e57
(cherry picked from commit eb9e627711a8c2563d45cf62a0206e138c14af0a)

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