Revert "Add VpnServiceBuilderShim for VpnService.Builder"

Revert submission 1551943-vpn-impl

Reason for revert: <DroidMonitor-triggered revert due to breakage >, bug b/210979001
Reverted Changes:
I0e7aa077a:Add VpnServiceBuilderShim for VpnService.Builder
Ib12f5ab39:Suppress NewApi warnings for @SystemApi -> public ...
I59b9185cf:Unhide RouteInfo#getType and related fields
Ie5b62b2b2:Unhide IpPrefix(InetAddress, int)
I993a32d40:Add CTS tests for exclude VPN routes APIs
Ib24b2d3fb:Suppress NewApi warnings for @SystemApi -> public ...
Ic3b10464a:Add APIs that allow to exclude routes from VPN

Change-Id: I6c1c22d05486f06366de698c0d381de5680ab51e
BUG: 210979001
5 files changed