Fix the security issue that preloaded apps can get SSID & BSSID

NetworkMonitor sends ""
broadcast with Wifi SSID & BSSID. The receiver of this broadcast
is only required to have "android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_CONDITIONS"
permission but not the "android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION".
It's incorrect because if the apps want to know the Wifi SSID and
BSSID, they should get the run-time permission with user consent.
Since this broadcast is not used anymore, delete it and the related

Bug: 175213041
Test: atest NetworkStackNextTests NetworkStackTests
Change-Id: I12050737291c7fa0ebff4e7411b91f4c6f57a413
Merged-In: I12050737291c7fa0ebff4e7411b91f4c6f57a413
Ignore-AOSP-First: This is a security patch which cannot submit in
(cherry picked from commit 0dc33442b74703f7700ba78b05d3c5ec30c07055)
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