Move EAP-Method constants to be public API.

This CL moves EAP-Type constants from EapData to EapSessionConfig.
EAP-Type values are currently returned in public API through
EapMethodConfig#getMethodType, but the actual value types are not
exposed so the values are meaningless to callers.

Specifically, this CL moves all EAP-Method constants from
EapData#EAP_TYPE_* to EapSessionConfig.EapMethodConfig#EAP_TYPE_*.

These values will be exposed as public API in a followup CL.

Bug: 154626930
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IKEv2 Library for Android


This IKEv2 library is an in-process client library implementing the IKEv2 protocol as well as extensions necessary for the support of IWLAN. It is designed to work in a non-privileged fashion on top of the Android IPsec API surface.