Convert ike-test-utils from filegroup to a library

After jarjaring ike_test, CertUtils (in test code) is referencing
IkeCertUtils (in production code) by the new package name. The result
is any library that includes the ike-test-utils filegroup will fail
to resolve IkeCertUtils.

This CL converts ike-test-utils to a library that depends on the
jarjared IkeCertUtils file to solve this problem

Bug: 177266501
Test: CtsIkeTestCases verified with aosp/1573066(Allow IKE in BCP)
Change-Id: I0c6e3e764c735d44a5ea3b37c227b82f46c3921e
2 files changed
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  3. PREUPLOAD.cfg
  6. apex/
  7. api/
  8. jarjar-rules-shared.txt
  9. jarjar-rules-test.txt
  10. src/
  11. tests/

IKEv2 Library for Android


This IKEv2 library is an in-process client library implementing the IKEv2 protocol as well as extensions necessary for the support of IWLAN. It is designed to work in a non-privileged fashion on top of the Android IPsec API surface.