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Build and run test the app using the following command

m HealthConnectToolbox &&
adb install $OUT/system/app/HealthConnectToolbox/HealthConnectToolbox.apk


Requesting Permissions

  • Click on Request Permissions on Home Screen
  • It will open the Request Permissions page on Health Connect showing toggles for all the permissions.
  • Allow/Disallow the permissions as per the use case.

Insert Data

  • Click Insert Data on Home Screen
  • Select the Data Category.
  • Select the Data Type.
  • There are two types of Records:
    • Interval Record - These records take place over an interval of time therefore they have a start time and an end time. They generate a single value or a range of values at the end of the whole interval. For example Elevation Gained, record contains a start time, an end time and the total elevation gained in that time period. To insert such a record, users can enter a start time, end time and the recorded values for the given record type.
    • Instantaneous Record - Contrary to the previous records, these records are recorded at a given instant and not over a range of time. They can be inserted similar to an interval record, just not with a start and end time, instead with a single time stamp.
  • On confirming insert of data, users will be given the inserted record's UUID. Save this UUID to update this data later.

Update Data

  • Updating data will follow the same workflow as insert.
  • Users can goto the page to insert data, enter the updated values and click Update Data.
  • Users will be required to enter the UUID of the record they want to update.

Demo video for the aforementioned workflows.