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This directory contains code, tools and data for the AOSP reference location time zone provider. Location time zone providers are used for location-based time zone detection on Android. See Android's android.service.timezone.TimeZoneProviderService class for more details.

Directory structure


  • Files associated with a proposed mainline module APEX to hold the AOSP reference location time zone provider.


  • Utility code shared between several subdirectories.


  • Code for a host sample / reference data generation pipeline. See run-data-pipeline.sh below.


  • A high-level API for performing time zone ID lookups for a location using the tzs2.dat file. Supports host and device usage.


  • A reference location time zone provider that uses AOSP APIs to obtain location and the geotz_lookup APIs to obtain the time zone IDs to pass to the platform.


  • Holds the tzs2.dat file generated by run-data-pipeline.sh along with the associated license files.


  • File reading / writing code and tools to support tzs2.dat generation on host, and the file's use on host and device. See s2storage/README.md for format details.


  • Data / licenses from the external timezone-boundary-builder project. Used as input for the reference data generation pipeline.


  • Tooling to help validate the tzs2.dat file against other data sources.

Data file update tools



  • Runs the data_pipeline data generation pipeline. It takes data from tzbb_data/, processes it, and puts the resulting tzs2.dat file in output_data/.